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This KPOP Idol Is Now Part Of The Star Guardian Universe

Star Guardian
Who is the idol? | © Riot Games

Everyone loves the Star Guardian Event. You, me, your grandmother... everyone. Even KPOP idols are in love... or it's all just their management forcing these poor women and men to partake in something that they've never heard of. ANYWAYS.

This concept, however, is particularly popular in League-heavy countries such as China or Korea, so it's not actually that surprising that the KPOP industry decided to send one of their own into the Star Guardian universe of League to be a part of that hype.

Chung Ha Joins Star Guardian Universe

Well, I mean... kinda. She covered a song, but it looked super legit, you guys and, let's be real, she could be a Star Guardian herself. That woman is a goddess. 

The video was uploaded by League of Legends Korea, so you know they're serious about this. If it goes further than that... no idea. Chung Ha used to be extremely popular in Korea a couple years ago, but has kinda fallen off recently. 

This might be more of a PR thing for her than it is for League. Though, you can admit that "KPOP idol joins League of Legends" is a cool headline... even if only partly true (please don't kill me for this).