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G2, Rogue and Fnatic remain undefeated

LEC Brings Surprises and Comebacks on Day 2 of the Superweek

Rog v MSF
Rogue and Misfits kicked off Day 2 | © Riot Games

Day two of the LEC superweek featured the first big upset as MAD Lions stumbled against SK Gaming. Meanwhile, Fnatic had another comeback win and is on top of the table alongside G2 Esports and Rogue.

The opening weekend of the LEC 2022 Spring Season continued on Saturday, featuring the match of the week between Team Vitality and Fnatic. Both teams had shown cracks - Vitality falling to MAD, while Fnatic struggling with the newcomers Team BDS - but the star players on both teams promised us some great League of Legends.

Misfits Struggle against Rogue

Rogue had a difficult start against Misfits Gaming, conceding two  kills in the mid lane in the first five minutes. However, the team bounced back with some inspired play by jungler "Malrang" Geun-seong  and were actually in the lead at the 10-minute mark. A fight 22 minutes in saw them take four kills and secure the first baron. Misfits were able to regain some tempo and eventually went for a Baron of their own. They secured it, but at the cost of four players - and, soon afterwards, the game. 

Team BDS Triumphs in Battle for Mid-Tier

Game two featured two teams that fell short on the opening day, Excel Esports and Team BDS. Excel had the better early game, getting an initial kill and gold lead, but BDS equalized the score as the mid-game started. The two teams remained close, with BDS taking the first Baron only to lose three on the way out, but eventually Ilias "NUCLEARINT" Bizriken's Syndra was too much for XL to deal with, exploding key carries in the lategame fights and playing a clutch role in the team's first victory.

SK Gaming with Clutch Win against MAD Lions

After their victory on Friday, MAD Lions were seen as clear favorites against SK Gaming. After Javier "Elyoya" Prades Batalla once more locked in Diana and set up his team with an early first blood, that view seemed warranted. However, despite their early deficit SK had an amazing mid-game, first getting the baron after baiting MAD into a 4v5 contest, then taking a Chemtech soul that provided them with a huge durability boost in teamfights. MAD found themselves on the back foot and to their credit, defended themselves well. It took several elder drakes and Barons and 53 minutes of play for one team to get the decisive advantage. In the end, it was SK who punished Elyoya's overextension and aced MAD in an extended chase before ending the game. 

G2? More Like G2:0

G2 Esports started their match with Astralis with a dominant map play, taking only 18 minutes to break the top inhibitor tower. Shortly afterwards, however, Astralis got a way back in the game after they got two kills . They started the Baron, but misplayed when G2 came to contest and had to concede the objective. The underdogs continued finding occasional kills, but they were just being outplayed on the map and continued falling behind. Eventually, Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik's Graves became too much to deal with and a big teamfight victory gave G2 a clean path to the Nexus.

Are Fnatic the Kings of Comeback Wins?

The day ended with the Match of the Week - Fnatic vs Team Vitality. The game started strong with a masterful outply by top laner Martin "Wunder" Hansen, who took down two people in a 1v3 tower dive and left his counterpart ready for Marek "Humanoid"  Brázda to pick off. Vitality's early pressure soon yielded results, however, and by the 20-minute mark the team was 6K gold up. Fnatic once more had to play from behind - and once more, they stepped up with great mid-game teamfighting after Vitality overchased near the Baron. Even Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek’s fed Qiyana was not enough to turn the tides and after a clutch fight 32 minutes in Fnatic would win the game

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The LEC continues on Sunday, 5 PM CET with a game betwee team BDS and Misfits Gaming starting at 5 PM CET.