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LoL: Elite500 Season 2024 EU Challenger Race

News 11-01-2024 15:13

With the new League of Legends season comes a new type of competition. Who reaches the highest rank, Challenger, first? Twitch streamers are making it a race to the top and the people love to watch it. 

Elite500 chall race
Who will win the Race? | © Elite500

The competition is on. 12 Streamers from EUW have started their very own Race to Challenger. Most of them will try to reach Challenger by only playing a specific champion that they have been playing and mastering for years. Playing only one single champions makes you a One-Trick-Pony, which is recommended if you want to climb more easily as you learn everything about the matchup while you know the Ins n Outs of your champion.

LoL: Elite 500 Streamer Challenger Race

Vladimir no skin HD
Elite500 is known for his macro knowledge in challenger. | © Riot Games

Elite500 has invited some Streamers to take part in his annual grind to challenger. It's quite interesting to see all the different One-Tricks play out in the new season as play styles, the map, and items have changed. 

The contestants for this race are:

YamatosDeathTalon / Plays most Assassins
Pusi PuuRengar
Kayle 1vs9Kayle 


AnonymoussJungle Player (mostly Viego)

There are lots of different play styles and champions to watch during this event. Currently, Alois is leading the charge at Diamond 1. The host, Elite500, is unfortunately stuck in Diamond 3 with a negative win rate which makes winning the event already impossible.

You can check the standings of the Elite500 Streamer Race here.

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