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It's time to become the world's number one coach!

LoL Esports Manager: Trailer and Details

LoL Esports Manager
It's time to become the world's number one coach! | © Riot Games

Since 2019, Riot Games is working on a manager game for League of Legends! Sooner or later and hop

Soon, you will be able to manage your own esports organization and build your pro team with the LoL Esports Manager. We are hyped for the new LoL Esports Manager from Riot Games! 2 years after the first announcement, we finally got new information and a teaser for it during LPL's 10th anniversary celebration!

LoL Esports Manager: What is it?

Like in well-known formats like Football Manager, you can create your own Pro Team and manage it to play against other organizations. You are the boss of your own Esports organization!In the video, Kate Han, the Global Producer of LoL Esports Manager, showed more about the game and its features. You can already see how you can compete against other player-created orgs with your own created Pro-team. Finally, a manager game that is not boring af.During matches, the team has implemented an AI simulation system that creates situations based on real league data from the professional scene. How awesome is that?

Here is the video:

League of Legends has many fans who love it, and we hope to tailor a game for esports fans that they’ll love

I know the Asian market loves play-to-win systems, but the model is incredibly hated in Europe and NA, so please don't mess it up here!

 LoL Esports Manager: Will it be Pay-to-Win?

In the video, we can see the cards of Edward Gaming players with high ratings and a special edition. So, since they won the Summer Playoffs, they got a FIFA-like "Team of the Season Edition", which has extremely high ratings.

LoL Esports Manager
"Team of the Season" EDward Gaming. | © Riot Games/ LPL Twitter

The cards are rated with a score and a star-rating, so whoever has the cards with the better ratings also has the better team. This means that players will have to roll for certain strong players with in-game currency or real money, or draw card packs like in FIFA. Also, they are very rare, which means that superstar players will most likely be hard to get.

So, like FIFA, it will probably be a pay-to-win title.

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