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LoL: Hardest Champion To Kill When Fed

News 16-04-2024 12:30

Some champions are very tanky and hard to kill from the start. But there are just a few that become basically unkillable when they get ahead. Looking at you Full AD Garen. 

Garen is surprisingly tanky for building only attack speed items. | © Riot Games

Obviously, tanks are hard to kill, but there are just some champions that when played well leave very little counter play.

Here is my personal top 5 list of champions that just don't want to die.

5 - Garen

God King Garen
I hate this champion with a burning passion. | © Riot Games

Obvious choice for me. He has Berserker Greaves, Triforce, and a Mortal Reminder how the hell does he have 3000 HP? Even if you engage on him, he has an insane damage reduction and might just turn around to oneshot you. 

It gets even worse when he gets his Steraks and maybe an actual tank item. You better be hoping that your ADC can kite well, otherwise he will be an absolute menace.

4 - Rammus

Durian Defender Rammus
Rammus is just a silly little guy with not alot to say. | © Riot Games

The funniest choice. If you play ADC and the enemy Rammus is fed, you are basically killing yourself faster than you can actually kill him. Thornmail first item is an incredibly power spike for him and might just be the most annoying one in the game. 

Combined with the trillion move speed and his ultimate, he is an absolute nightmare for any ADC player.

3 - Swain

Swain 4
A fed Swain is such a drain tank. | © Riot Games

Swain is a classic battle mage. Whenever a normal mage would run away and hide behind cover, Swain gets into the entire enemy team. While Swain players often overestimate their healing and tankyness it's pretty safe to say that if a fed Swain is in a team fight then it's not looking too good. 

With the right items (and the wrong items on the enemies) Swain can be absolutely unstoppable as he heals from damaging enemies. Rylais Crystalsceptre and Riftmaker help as they make enemies unable to run away and increase his healing by a lot.

2 - Bel'Veth

Cosmic Matriarch Bel
This has to be the worst champion Riot has ever released. | © Riot Games

Bel'Veth is my personal nemesis. This champion really has it all. Infinitely stacking attack speed, true damage, a knock-up, damage reduction and worst of all, way too many dashes. 

If Bel'Veth wants you, she will get you. And if you want her? Well, she will get you anyway. The champion excels at every fight given the right amount of time to scale. The reset mechanic and her true form make her an even bigger threat, and the dashes alone already make her almost impossible to kill. 

Combine all of this with a damage reduction that simultaneously deals damage around her which also procs her on-hit items, and you just have this unkillable void monster that will devour your health bar. 

1 - Pyke

Psy Ops Pyke
Pyke is just so slippery. | © Riot Games

Pyke is not the strongest support. Everybody can agree on that. But we all have this one game burnt into our brain where we just helplessly watched as the enemy Pyke demolished our team. Perfect hooks into perfect stuns, and then he vanishes for a split second just to execute the entire team in a row.

A good Pyke is to be feared because with those dashes and the invisibility, he could be right next to you and still be untouchable  

Who do you think is the hardest champion to kill?

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