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League of Legends: Are 3 Ranked Splits Too Much?

News 03-07-2024 14:30

League of Legends used to only have one ranked split a year. Now this has increased to three splits and some players believe it is too much. 

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League of Legends: Are three Ranked splits too much for most players? | © Riot Games

League of Legends players like to be quite vocal regarding new things in their game. Recently, one post on Reddit reached popped off, with players discussing the current ranked system and how it is draining a large part of the player base, feeling like more of a grind than ever before. 

In 2023 Riot introduced a 2-split system to League of Legends, which was changed to a 3-split system in 2024. But it seems that some players aren't too happy with how the current ranked grind feels. 


League of Legends: Players Unhappy With Ranked Grind

League of Legends players take their ranked grind quite serious, wanting to finish as high up on the ladder as possible and while some try to reach their peak as early and quickly as possible, others continue to grind to get to their desired rank. 

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How are you doing with your split 2 ranked grind? | © Riot Games

Throughout the years, Riot saw how fewer players played ranked the longer a season went on, which is why they made some adjustments. In 2024, they decided to make it a 3-split ranked system, but now players are voicing their opinions feeling like it's too much. 

One of the biggest problems of having 3 Ranked splits is that they come with 3 Ranked resets. The matchmaking takes a while to adjust to your new mmr after every reset, which leads to unbalanced games at the start of each split. 3 splits is definitely too much...

Most players agree that the reset between the splits is too tough and that it takes too long for players to reach their desired rank, since they're constantly being set back an entire rank at the start of each split. Other players have also expressed how dissatisfying it feels to reach a specific rank, only to have it reset shortly after. 

Game director for League of Legends, Pu "Pupulasers" Liu, also chimed in to the debate on Reddit, explaining that "the total amount of games to reach your desired rank is less for a given split." According to Riot the new 3-split system is meant to spread out play more, giving players breaks throughout the year, instead of grinding hard at the beginning and then burning out the rest of the time. 

A lot of players disagree though and feel that this new system leads to fewer breaks and more of a grind than before. So, who is right in this debate of ranked? 

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