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League of Legends: Swarm Has Become More Popular Than Anticipated

News 04-07-2024 16:30

League of Legends is finally adding a PvE mode, and Swarm seems to be doing much better than Riot has even expected themselves. 

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League of Legends: Swarm's uniqueness has added a new charm. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is finally getting a brand-new game mode. Sure, in 2023 Arena was added, and it brought a lot of joy to players, but it was still just League of Legends in a different environment. The new PvE mode, Swarm, is completely different and it's been a huge success. 

While Swarm is still on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), it's garnered a large player base and become extremely popular with the League of Legends community. It's become more popular than most had anticipated, Riot included. 

League of Legends: Swarm New Most Popular LoL Game Mode

Swarm is not even out yet for live servers, and players are flocking to the PBE to try their hand at the bullet hell game mode that Riot has introduced. It feels like a breath of fresh air and honestly, like a completely new game, just using the characters and settings we love from League of Legends. 

Not only that, but with it being part of the LoL client, it's basically a free to play game wherein usually players would have to pay some money on Steam to get a similar experience. 

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Will you be playing Swarm as well? | © Riot Games

Riot has also been baffled by the success on the Public Beta Environment, with Riot H28 chiming in on Twitter, saying that the player numbers are higher "than [their] highest projections". Not only that, but Riot have also had to double game server capacity

And yet, Riot continued to approach their server capacity limits, which resulted in them adding in server queues for the PBE. This hype is similar to the initial release of TFT a few years ago, where players had to queue up for hours on end to try and get into a game on the PBE. 

With Swarm gaining such popularity, Riot has already mentioned that they could see it return for a second run depending how popular and sustainable it is on live. Some Rioters on Reddit also revealed that they would love to add in some other features, like controller support. Of course, these aren't confirmed yet, but there are lots of opportunities to make it happen. 

Now let's hope Swarm continues to dominate throughout the 2024 Anima Squad event so we can keep playing it in the future. 

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