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Esports World Cup: T1's Gumayusi Fearless Drafted Entire Tournament

News 08-07-2024 15:20

The League of Legends portion of the Esports World Cup has concluded and T1 are the champions. But one player stood out amongst the bunch. 

Gumayusi worlds 2023
Esports World Cup: Gumayusi smurfing on others. | © Riot Games

The Esports World Cup has come to an end, with T1 taking home $400,000 in prize money, while beating out Top Esports, 3-1. Not only that, but Faker also managed to snag the MVP title away from his teammates, gaining another large sum of money. 

But there is one player who also showed off his skill, almost deserving of the MVP title as well, and that is none other than bot laner Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong. While fearless draft is not a thing in the LCK yet, the World Champion bot laner showed off what he will be able to do once it is implemented in 2025. 


Esports World Cup: Gumayusi Plays New Champ In Every Game

Throughout the 2024 Esports World Cup, T1 played 3 games in total. Since they usually gave up one game, the team had to perform 10 matches on stage and the results were incredible. Gumayusi showed off his skill, by playing a new bot lane champion in every single match

In 10 games, he played 10 different bot laners, which fans found incredible. In the finals, Guma only lost with Zeri in the first match of the series, but then pulled out Ezreal, Ashe and Xayah to secure the win. Before then, he also played Kai'Sa, Senna, Jhin Sivir, Kalista and Caitlyn. 

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With such a performance, it's got fans excited about the introduction of the fearless draft system into regional leagues as well as international play. Getting to see a grander variety of champions picked by players is something fans want, and the fearless draft system is perfect for that. 

The fearless draft has been implemented in the LDL, the LPL's farm league, as well as the LCK CL, where it's seen great success. So how will it fare in the major regions? With results like this, there shouldn't be much to worry about. 

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