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LoL: How Big Is The Mordekaiser QSS Change?

News 15-04-2024 12:08

Mordekaiser is getting his biggest change since his rework. Coming with the 14.8 MSI Patch his ult will no longer be cleanse-able. That means that some of his top lane matchups are changing and most importantly that those pesky ADC's dont get to counter your entire existence with 1300 gold.

PROJECT Mordekaiser
Mordekaiser's Ban Rate will skyrocket. | © Riot Games

Patch 14.8 will be the Patch that the Mid Season Invitational will be played on. Usually for these kind of Patches Riot is really looking to shake up the Meta to make for some interesting games. 

While they are buffing a plethora of champions this patch, there is 1 change in particular that has everybody interested.

Mordekaiser Ult will no longer be cleanse-able.

How Impactful Is The Change Really?

Lord Mordekaiser Skin
Welcome to Brazil. | © Riot Games

Riot Phroxzon shared his intention of the changes. Mordekaiser had this mechanic so that he wouldn't instantly become a pro play staple. This gave teams reasonable counterplay to his ult and effectively cut him out of pro play entirely. 

Turns out that pro play and higher elos were actually good enough at countering Mordekaiser even without this mechanic which is why he now got it back. It just felt unrewarding that your entire ultimate could be negated by a single item purchase.

But this change is not only targeted at pro play. Mordekaiser players in every elo will now have an easier time with some much-needed impact in the later stages. Even if you are not able to kill an opponent in your ultimate it is still 7 seconds of meaningful CC.

This also changes his dynamic for a few top lane matchups mainly Gangplank and Olaf. Both of these champions are not able to escape the Death Realm with the press of a button, even though it is important to add that Olaf does not get pulled into the Death Realm if his Ragnarok is already active.

Ashen Knight Mordekaiser
Why is Riot still listening to ADC players? | © Riot Games

Many players, mainly ADC players, absolutely hate this change and claim that Mordekaiser will be broken now, however a few of League's largest content creators and even coaches have also voiced their opinions on the matter. 

LS, who is a highly regarded coach and expert on everything League of Legends, has shared his sentiment on his Twitter/X.

He claims that QSS was never the thing that held Mordekaiser back, which is in line with what Phroxzon was claiming. The champion can still get kited very easily, as most of his kit is melee focused and relies on Rylais Crystalsceptre to fight in extended skirmishes.

It's going to be interesting to see if he gets picked in Pro Play. It might be a good idea to pick him if you just want to hold the enemy ADC hostage for seven seconds while killing his team, but the lane will most likely not look too good.

In Solo Queue however he gets much more viable especially in lower elos. He is now no longer plagued by the infamous GP counterpick that counters the entire Death Realm with a single orange.

What do you think of the changes?

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