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LoL: New Empyrean Skins - Everything You Need To Know

News 17-04-2024 14:35

Riot is releasing some new Empyrean skins as part of the MSI 2024 Event this year.

Empyrean Varus
Varus is finally getting a legendary skin. | © Riot Games

Riot apparently loved the Empyrean skin line so much that they brought it back for the MSI Event this year. I'm definitely not sad about this because the Empyrean skins are some of the best in the entire game.

After a bunch of eastern inspired skins and filler skin lines this is one of the biggest drops of the year as it comes with a legendary skin and a prestige skin as well. It's also going to be a part of the MSI 2024 Event and comes with its own Pass.

So who is getting skins and how expensive are they?

LoL: Empyrean 2024 Skins: All Champions & Cost

Empyrean Brand
Empyrean is back! | © Riot Games
Skin NameChampionCost
EmpyreanVarus1820 RP
EmpyreanNocturne1350 RP
EmpyreanBrand1350 RP
EmpyreanMalzahar1350 RP
EmpyreanAkali1350 RP
EmpyreanKayle1350 RP
Prestige EmpyreanKayle2000 Event Tokens

Release Date For The Empyrean Skins

Prestige Empyrean Kayle
Kayle is getting a prestige skin! | © Riot Games

The Empyrean Skins and Event will release with Patch 14.9.

Check out more about the Event in the article here.

Are you excited about more Empyrean skins? The Varus skin looks absolutely crazy.

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