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Finally! Camille is getting nerfed!

LoL Patch 11.24: All Buffs and Nerfs [Updated]

News 01-12-2021 10:35
Elderwood Ivern HD
Ivern is going to be OP in 11.24? | © Riot Games

Fans have been waiting for this patch for a long time. Camille nerfs, Predator nerfs, Chemtech Soul nerfs! Patch 11.24 has it all: Are you ready for Riot to break the game again?

There is a lot to break down here, so let's hop into the LoL Patch 11.24 summary!

[Updated 12/1/2021]

Patch Preview for 11.24

Below is Riot's most recent Patch Preview tweet. This gives us the most up-to-date information on upcoming changes!

There is a ton for us to discuss here! We already can't wait for Chemtech Soul Nerfs!

Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 11.24

As of now, Riot have shared that they only have plans for buffing a few champs this patch. This could be subject to change before Patch 11.24 drops on December 8th.

Caitlyn Buff - New Mechanic

  • Caitlyn's next auto attack gets a partial timer reset whenever she targets an enemy marked by traps or nets

This should slightly help to compensate for when Riot took away tons of hidden mechanics/bugs with her ASU last patch. However, we're pretty sure that Caitlyn players are still angry at Riot.

Ivern Buff - XP/Gold Increase

  • Krug Freedom Experience: 37 to 95
  • Krug Freedom Gold: 39 to 85

Ivern has been elected by Riot to receive some XP/Gold buffs. He was unable to get level 4 by full clearing in Patch 11.23, which was a big oversight on Riots part. Hopefully, this means we see more of Daisy in 11.24!

Samira Buff - R

  • R: Mana cost: 100/50/0 to 0 at all ranks

This change is big Samira in the early game, which is when she's supposed to be strong at dueling other bot lanes. It's been a long time since Samira was viable, this change will help her compete with other ADCs.

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24

Just as you all probably saw earlier in the article, only Camille has been selected for nerfs. All we have to say is thank god! Riot finally have decided to nerf the strongest top laner in the game after months of dominance..

Camille Nerfs: E and W

E - Cooldown: 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 to 16/15/14/13/12

W - Sweetspot damage: 6/6.5/7/7.5/8 (+3.3 per 100 bonus AD) % Max HP to 5/5.5/6/6.5/7 (+2.5 per 100 bonus AD) % Max HP

The E nerf will be a slight annoyance for Camille players, but the W nerf should be huge. We'll have to wait and see how her winrate looks in 11.24.

System Buffs in LoL Patch 11.24

Hextech chemtech drakes dragons
Hextech/Chemtech Drakes | © Riot Games

We're really excited to see Archangel's Staff get buffed since it is only viable on a few champions right now.

Archangel's Staff Buff - Cost

  • Combine cost: 950 (3000g total) to 550 (2600g total)

Archangels was a big investment at 3000G. Previously, most mages would opt for more cost-efficient items in favor of an earlier power spike. This is a huge buff and we're excited to see more viable items in the game.

Chemtech & Hextech Mini Drake Buff

Chemtech Drake Buff

  • Damage Amp: up to 5% to up to 6%

Hextech Drake Buff

  • Bonus AS: 5% to 6%
  • Bonus Haste: 5 to 6

Conqueror Rune Buff

  • Duration: 4s to 5s
  • Adaptive per stack: 2-4 to 2-4.5

So Riot have heard people complain about the power imbalance with the new dragons - especially Chemtech Soul. They're now re-adjusting the power to make individual drakes stronger, but less of a power spike upon obtaining Chemtech Soul.

System Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24

Resistance Singed
Sorry Singed mains. Predator had to get nerfed eventually... | © Riot Games

Predator Rune Nerf

  • Maximum move speed: 60% to 45%
  • Ramp-up Time: 1s to 1.5s

Chemtech Dragon Soul Nerf

  • Bleed Out Time: 5s to 4s
  • Damage Output Reduction: 33% to 40%

Crown of the Shattered Queen Nerf

  • Ability Power: 70 to 60

Cosmic Drive Nerf

  • Ability Power: 75 to 65
  • Health: 250 to  200
  • Spell Dance Move speed: 20-10% to 15-5%

Evenshroud Nerf

  • Damage increase: 12% to 9%
  • Duration: 5s to 4s

Frostfire Gauntlet Nerf

  • Damage: 20-100 (+0.5% Max Health) to 12-85 (no HP ratio)

Axiom Arc Nerf

  • Ultimate refund: 25% to 20%

Quite a lot of mage items are set to take some nerfs here. The new items may have worked a little too well in the favor of those pesky spellcasters. Mages are dominating the bot lane meta with APC's having a very high pick rate.

System/Champ Adjustments in LoL Patch 11.24

Marauder Kled
Kled is going to charge into battle this patch with some changes? | © Riot Games

Unsurprisingly, Riot have decided to immediately nerf Lethal Tempo. It was an OP rune and needed a tweak to it's numbers. It also seems that they're playing around with Kled and trying to make him more viable. We just hope he doesn't get too strong, he can be so hard to kill!

Lethal Tempo Nerf

  • Melee AS per stack: 15% to 13%
  • Ranged AS per stack: 5% to 7%
  • Ranged bonus Attack Range: 100 to 75

Glacial Augment Nerf

  • Slow amount: 35% to 30%
  • AD ratio: 2% per 100 bonus AD to 4% per 100 AD
  • AP ratio: 2% per 100 AP to 3% per AP
  • Heal & Shield ratio: 5% per 10% Heal & Shield to 7% per 10% Heal & Shield

Kled Buff (?)


  • Skaarl's Base HP counts as base HP
  • Skaarl Base Health: 400-1420 >>> 400-1550

Kled E:

  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 to 13/12/11/10/9
  • Ratio: 60% to 65%

There is a lot to digest in this patch, but basically Riot are throwing stuff at the wall during preseason and seeing what sticks. A lot of the changes in this patch were a step in the right direction, so we're holding out hope that 11.24 is more balanced than 11.23 was!

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