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LoL: Reasons Why TF Is Strong

News 16-02-2024 16:12

Twisted Fate has always been a pick that is really good in pro play but rather mediocre in solo queue. This has shifted a little bit and while he is still picked in pro play he is also seeing some more priority in solo queue.

Space Groove Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate got a lot of changes in Patch 14.2. | © Riot Games

When I think of Twisted Fate I think of a weak early game mid lane mage and a roaming ultimate. This was always the case with Twisted Fate as he was a late game tool to pick enemies and figure out flanks instead of an early game lane bully and hyper carry. But apparently this is what he is now. Before Patch 14.2 he was mainly built with Ability Power and a Rapid Firecannon to autoattack from longer range.

LoL: What Happened To Twisted Fate

Blodd moon twisted fate
Such a cool splashart. | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.2 Twisted Fate got a huge overhaul. All his abilities have been changed to work better with some Attack Damage, and he even got some Crit Synergies. His Passive can now crit for more gold. His Wild Cards got an extra AD scaling and his W has a critical multiplier and became an auto attack reset. 

His E got buffed as well and now deals a lot more damage, gives a lot more attack speed and works on towers.

He can still be played in the mid lane, but the match-ups have never been favourable. Assassins still assassinate him and mages still bully him with more range. So where does he go now? Well some madmen are playing him as an ADC, but most will play him top lane.

With Stattiks Shiv your wave clear is surprisingly good, and you are allowed to bully your bruiser opponents out of lane. His side laning potential also got a lot better. The most important thing is that he still has his insanely strong ultimate for the late game team fights and can now also assassinate ADC's on the side lines.

Due to some more variety he has also been very popular in solo queue and people are testing all kind of different builds for him. I really never expected Riot to find a change that brings Twisted Fate back into the meta, but they absolutely did it and it is super fun!

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