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LoL: Riot Buffs Strongest Champion In The Game

News 11-01-2024 16:33

People like to complain about Riot's balancing a lot, but usually they are right on point with their buffs and nerfs. Even if people tend to disagree, they have mastered balancing for 10+ years like no other company has. This time though? They might have gone a bit overboard.

Jax Update
Jax is the bane of all top laners. | © Riot Games

Jax is one of the strongest champions in the game at the moment. He was sitting at S+ Tier for over 6 Patches now and a staple in pro play. Since he has just gotten his Art and Sustainability Update, Riot wanted to keep him on the stronger side to incentivize people to try him out. Now those days are over and everybody was hoping for a nerf on Jax.

LoL: Riot Buffs Strongest Champion

Jaximus Jax skin splash
Jax is a really good side laner already. | © Riot Games

With 14.1 a lot changed in League of Legends. With the removal of mythics and all the item changes, it seems that Jax could've been on the weaker side. Especially the removal of Divine Sunderer hurts him a lot.

But there are still quite a few Fighter/Bruiser items that fit him very well, including Hullbreaker. This is an item he was known to build throughout Season 13 to increase his split pushing proficiency. It made him almost impossible to kill in the side lane and with Divine Sunderer as he would be very tanky and could out-sustain his enemies in trades.

Hullbreaker is still very strong in Season 14 and Jax can utilize it very well. This only adds to the confusion that in Patch 14.2 Riot wants to buff Jax.

Buffing Jax already doesn't sound like a smart idea, but the buffs make it even worse. Spideraxe shared the buffs on his X/Twitter. 

This increases his split pushing capabilities by roughly 20%. Maybe Riot is thinking the removal of Sunderer hurts him a lot more than we think and these are compensation buffs, but he turns out to be fine with the new fighter items this is a ridiculous buff. 

Pls Riot Nerf Jax

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