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LoL: Riot Once Again Teases Possibility Of Making Arena Permanent

News 18-01-2024 11:17

Even after the second rerun of Arena within just one year, fans just can't get enough. But is the mode going to be permanent soon or not?

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Will Arena ever be a permanent mode?

After the Winterblessed 2023 Event, Arena is gone for the second time. And while I miss it dearly already, it's time to look at the future of the game mode. Could it ever be a permanent addition to the game? The Question has also been brought up in the Riot Games AMA on Reddit and the Lead of the Game Mode Team Riot Cadmus has responded himself.

LoL: Could Arena Become Permanent Soon?

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Cant wait for Arena's comeback. | © Riot Games

Riot Cadmus has been quite active in the Reddit AMA. As Lead of the Game Mode Team, he has a lot of insight on Arena and ARAM as well as potential new game modes. One user has asked what is currently stopping Arena from becoming a permanent mode. He compared it to TFT, but also mentioned that most game modes that start rotating just die out eventually.

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Riot Cadmus confirmed that they are still looking at the option of making the Arena permanent. But permanent modes need a lot more work and most likely a dedicated team to work on it. There needs to be steady balancing and a content pacing model so that the mode doesn't get stale. He used an example question that Riot uses to evaluate new permanent modes.

Are we creating a sufficiently large new core audience in our ecosystem that otherwise wouldnt bother playing League?

The answer is yes. There is evidence that arena has been absolutely amazing for the community, and Riot is looking to further pursue more opportunities for players to play League of Legends differently. Arena is only the first attempt at that, and Riot still wants to grow it. 

For now that is not a yes but also not a no. As per usual, we will have to wait and see.

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