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Riot is finally giving some love to an old fan-favorite

Riot announces Syndra VFX Update

News 05-10-2021 19:00
Syndra Star Guardian Skin
Our star guardian villain will soon look even more evil in-game. | © Riot Games

Syndra is an iconic League of Legends champion with a rich legacy in pro play, but she hasn't aged well, Players like Chovy, Faker, Caps, Bjergsen, and basically any pro mid laner you can think of have all had memorable plays with this mage. However, Syndra's golden days are far in the past and she’s due for a visual update.

On October 4th, it was revealed by the LoL Dev Team that players can expect Syndra to receive some VFX changes soon on the PBE. It’s likely these changes will be implemented in the game in Patch 11.21, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday, October 20th.

What is Riot updating?

If you were worried about a gameplay update for Syndra, check your acronyms. A Visual and Gameplay (VGU) would have involved at least a partial rework for our mid laner, but that isn’t the case here. All Riot is doing here is updating the visual effects of the character, hence the name VFX. This can mean a few things such as updated skins, visuals, and animations.

Riot have made it clear that as of now, they have no plans for tweaking Syndra’s gameplay. Syndra is only set to receive a VFX update. Surely this is a big relief to Syndra one-tricks everywhere. The last champion to receive a VFX update was Zilean in late June earlier this year. However, Zilean wasn’t so lucky to get an update to any skins.

What Visual Updates are Planned for Syndra?

As we mentioned earlier, Syndra is a part of the old-guard LoL champions. Her release dates back to 2012, which should make some of us feel old. Basically, she really needed an update and she’s finally getting one. Fans can expect some changes coming to the base Syndra skin along with her older skins, a new look for her base abilities as well as upgraded ones.

Her two newest skins – Bewitching Syndra and Withered Rose Syndra – won’t be the recipients of any updates. But these skins look great thanks to how recently they were made. Her other skins were in dire need of an update. Check below for the complete list of changes.

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Justicar: Complete overhaul
  • Atlantean: Minor updates
  • Queen of Diamonds: Minor updates
  • Snow Day: Almost complete overhaul
  • SKT T1: Mirroring base changes and added subtle SKT T1 logo in lvl 5 E cone
  • Star Guardian: Minor updates
  • Pool Party: Minor updates
  • Withered Rose: No changes
  • Bewitching: No changes

For the Syndra mains out there dying for more information, check out the LeaguePBE Reddit!

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