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Did you listen to Sessions:Vi?

Riot Releases Sessions:Diana

News 13-12-2021 21:45
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Have you given this a listen yet? | © Riot Games Music

Have you seen Riot's second creator friendly album? This is the second mix of lo-fi tracks coming from Riot Games Music, following the success of Sessions:VI.

Riot Drop Sessions:Diana

Once again, Riot Games Music is knocking it out of the park with the release of another copyright-free album for creators to use on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube. This is perfect for those who are looking for chill background music that they can use without fear of copyright claims, a problem that twitch streamers often face nowadays.

Riot Music tweeted out this teaser last week out of nowhere, alerting gamers that their next project was dropping. Those interested can listen to the project on several platforms. This is the followup album to Sessions:VI, which released last Summer.

Riot Address Copyright Concerns, Sessions:VI

Unfortunately, not everything has gone to plan with the release of the initial project. It turns out that some content identification systems are falsely punishing fans with reference to one song in the album. Riot Games Music addressed this earlier this week with a statement on their official twitter.

We haven't heard of any particularly large content creator being affected by this, but luckily Riot Games Music were able to respond to the community and implement a temporary fix for those who are potentially affected.

What do you guys think? Has Sessions been a successful project from Riot Games Music? Are you all as hyped for the next one as we are?

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