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Were you expecting Treatz to swap back to Support?

Rogue, SK Gaming Announce Rosters for 2022 [UPDATE]

News 19-12-2021 21:45
SK Gaming 2022
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Many organizations in the League of Legends pro scene are announcing their finalized rosters ahead of the 2022 LEC Spring Split. SK Gaming and Rogue are two of the last teams to reveal their full rosters. Are you hyped for these teams next season?

[Updated 12/19/2021]

Rogue 2022 LEC Roster Unveiled

Rogue ended their 2021 season by adding more fuel to the fire for the NA vs EU debate during Worlds 2021. They were unceremoniously knocked out of Group A by Cloud9, just after giving 2019 World Champions FPX an early flight home. It was a disappointing end to an otherwise successful season, but now they have revamped their roster for 2022.

With the loss of two star players, Inspired and Hans Sama, things looked rough for Rogue in the off-season. However, they were able to pick up Malrang in the Jungle - a fantastic Korean talent who previously played for Damwon Gaming. Additionally, they signed Comp for ADC, an upcoming player from Team Vitality Academy.

  • Top - Odoamne
  • Jungle - Malrang
  • Mid - Larssen
  • ADC - Comp
  • Support - Trymbi

Both of these players look like decent replacements for two players who were quite integral to the success of Rogue last year. Fans should be optimistic ahead of the 2022 Season.

SK Gaming Roster Ready for 2022

SK Gaming finished the 2021 LEC Summer Split Playoffs with a 6th place finish after being handed a one-sided loss by Fnatic, one of the premier organizations in the LEC. They haven't had a particularly memorable last few years in competition, but are looking for success in 2022 with this new roster. 

A quick glance at the Liquipedia page for SK Gaming reveals that they've made a lot of moves within the past 6 months. Now, they have essentially fully rebuilt their roster ahead of next season, picking up some promising prospects along the way.

  • Top - Jenax
  • Jungle - Gilius
  • Mid - Sertuss
  • ADC - Jezu
  • Support - Treatz

SK Gaming Invests in the Future

Gilius is a veteran LEC Jungler who some might call past his prime, but he can still bring a lot of value to this SK Gaming Roster. Several rookies have been signed, and they'll be needing an in-game leader who can make decisions with confidence.

It can take a lot of learning before players are ready for the big leagues, but SK Gaming are confident that Sertuss and Jezu are ready to step up and make the transition from Academy to LEC.

What do you make of this roster? Will they sink or swim in the LEC ocean of talent and competition?

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