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Something Has To Change In League of Legends – Event Passes Are Too Much Of A Grind

News 02-08-2023 17:00
Soul fighter jhin splash
Jhin is one of the most aesthetically pleasing champions in League of Legends. With the Soul Fighter skin line, Riot gave him another new outfit. | © Riot Games

After half a decade in action, event passes have become a staple in League of Legends events. During this time, many changes have been made to make grinding less time-consuming. However, with the recent increase in stock to feature two Prestige skins per event, players are no longer happy about the state of event passes.

A short view back to the past tells us that the first ever event pass has been introduced at the 2018 World Championship event. Back then, the main feature for the event pass was K/DA Kai'Sa, the first ever Prestige skin in League of Legends. For 2500 tokens, that skin would be yours! 

There was only one big issue: token earning rates were so low that most players had to purchase loot to get much-needed extra tokens. This caused the skin to be dished out to a very small playerbase. As a reaction, Riot would later introduce the Mythic Essence shop to reintroduce previous Prestige skins, while original owners received a speical collector's edition for their efforts while the event was live.

Do League of Legends Event Passes Need Too Much Time To Grind?

Prestige Pyke Soul Fighter
Pyke is the lucky recipient of this amazing Prestige skin. | © Riot Games

While the issue that the Prestige skin is too expensive has been fixed thanks to the influx of player data, grinding for a skin is still a time-demanding task. In order to collect the necessary 2000 tokens for the Prestige skin, you have to play up to five games per day. A lost game awards less progress than a won game too, which makes the grind extra painful when you find yourself on a losing streak.

After that, additional rewards are usually out of reach. Currently, Riot offers two Prestige skins per event, and if you want to redeem both of them without buying extra tokens, you need to play about ten games per day. Is that even doable when you go to school or to university or if you have a job? This means you will have to pick one out of the two – or none, if you want to go for the 100 Mythic Essence instead.

The last time Riot have done something about event token drop rates was in early 2022. The introduction of two Prestige skins per event came much later. This made players question the current token drop rate and leaves them asking for changes to the event pass that lets them collect more goods. However, it is safe to say that the current RP price of 1650 would increase if the majority of pass holders were easily able to claim two Prestige skins per event.

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