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He's back!

Svenskeren Returns to Cloud9

Svenskeren 2019
He's back! | © Riot Games

Svenskeren was the former jungler of Cloud9, having helped the team to two World Championship appearances back in 2018 and 2019, now the 26-year-old is back in a C9 jersey. 

C9 just announced the return of their former jungler, but in a new position. What could this mean for Blaber? 


C9 Sign Svenskeren As Substitute Jungler

Later March 14, 2022 Cloud9 tweeted out a welcome tweet for none other than their former jungler Svenskeren. The jungler spent two years on C9 back in 2018 and 2019, helping the team make it to two World Championships. 

Whether he is going to be seeing any stage time is not yet known. C9 are currently in first place in the LCS and Blaber has been a solid jungler throughout the Spring Split — at least he hasn't wasted flash for scuttle yet. 

Cloud9 also has Malice signed, so it could be that Svenskeren is going to be playing on the C9 Academy team as well. We will have to see to find out whether Svenskeren is ever going to be subbed in, especially during playoffs when games will not be best of ones anymore.

How is CLoud9 Doing In the 2022 Spring Split? 

Cloud9 started off well, but with a coach like LS, they played some pretty whack picks, that were fun to watch, but anxiety inducing for the players themselves. After realizing that some things were not working out, C9 decided to part ways with LS

After the departure of LS, many fans were in shock, but the team has managed to turn their season around and are now sitting atop the leader board of the LCS and looking solid. Especially their top laner Summit is crushing it currently. 

The acquisition of Svenskeren could just be some extra insurance in the jungle, for the playoffs, in case C9 needs to sub someone in. Svenskeren has heaps of experience and is a veteran, so it makes sense to sign someone of his calibre.