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This has been leaked for some time, but now it's official!

Team Vitality Announce 2022 Roster

News 10-12-2021 13:30
Team Vitality
Are you excited for this roster? | © Team Vitality

Team Vitality finally announced their full roster ahead of the 2022 Spring Split. Many fans are calling this the 'infinity gauntlet' roster of the LEC, with star players in almost every role.

What do you think about this team? Will they live up to the hype and crush the LEC? Or will they crash and burn?

Team Vitality Confirm Their 2022 Roster

This off-season has been touted as one of the most hype and drama heavy ones in LoL's histroy. But it's also been full of leaks in regards to huge player transfers.

All of the leaks and spoilers have led to some fans getting upset about the lack of surprises for rosters, and this was definitely the case for Vitality. Most of this roster was revealed ahead of time by sources at Dot Esports and LEC_Wooloo on twitter.

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Team Vitality Aim to Win LEC in 2022

This roster is looking like one of the strongest EU teams in recent memory. They come into the 2022 season with high expectations placed upon their shoulders by fans and the organization itself alike, as Vitality have likely invested a lot into these star players.

Team Vitality put out their official roster introduction post with a few words from Perkz, who has just returned to the LEC after a rough year abroad.

I’m ready to take my career to new heights and I know Team Vitality is somewhere I can continue to build a legacy,” said Luka “Perkz” Perković.

It seems that Perkz has full confidence in this new Team Vitality roster. What do you think? Will they be contenders for Worlds 2022?

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