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Bel'Veth lore tell us League's new champion is the end of Runeterra!

The End of Runeterra? Bel'Veth Lore Explained

Bel'Veth Artwork
We're finally getting official artwork for Bel'Veth, and it looks so good!

League's new champion Bel'Veth has been long overdue. She's finally getting teasers leading up to her release, and they are so exciting! Most recently Riot dropped an entire cinematic and a color story for Bel'Veth!

Today Riot released their new cinematic All That Will Ever Be. We knew for a while that Bel'Veth was themed after a manta ray due to some leaks a while back. But this cinematic was the first time we saw her officially, and many people were surprised to see a Void champion have a human head. This gets explained however when we learn how Bel'Veth came to be in the color story that launched with the cinematic titled Pinwheel. Here we learn that all the cities and people that have gone missing were actually being consumed by the Void and then fed directly to Bel'Veth. In fact her name comes from the missing city Belveth that Kai'Sa and Taliyah were looking for in Hollowspun. So the reason Bel'Veth has a human head because she was born from an entire city's memories and emotions.

This sets Bel'Veth apart from every other Void champion previously in a lot of ways. The Void was always depicted as an all consuming mass that unmakes everything it touches. Leaving nothing behind, hence the name void. But Bel'Veth turns all of these notions on their heads, Bel'Veth is not a lifeless monstrosity, but is in fact a sentient and intelligent being with goals and motivations. Bel'Veth understands human emotions as seen in the color story. She acts as a Queen of the Void, or a hivemind. She can think for herself beyond her primal instincts, and thus is born to lead the Void against the Watchers.

Riot added a lot of detail to the cinematic and the color story, at the beginning of the cinematic even Kai'Sa watches a toy ship be torn apart and consumed, a toy no doubt from the city of Belveth. There's a lot more to go in depth regarding Bel'Veth's lore and the lore of champions she interacts with like Kai'Sa or Vel'Koz so make sure to check back at Riftfeed for when we dig deeper!

Bel'Veth Splash Art
Not sure why she has legs as a manta ray, but she still looks cool. | © Riot Games

If you're dying to see more of the Empress of the Void, don't fret! She'll be hitting the PBE on tuesday and we can expect a gameplay trailer in the next few days, we're so close!