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Bjergsen will return as a player in 2022 but is leaving TSM?

TSM Prepare for 2022 Roster Rebuild

News 31-10-2021 06:45
Sword Art TSM Week9
SwordArt departs TSM after one year | © Riot Games

TSM just dropped a ton of new information regarding their Roster for the 2022 LCS Season. After a disappointing end to the LCS Summer Split, the organization is shifting their approach to roster-building entirely. TSM will be a totally different team in 2022, are you excited?

LoL Worlds 2021 Recaps:

TSM Reginald and Parth recently filmed a video on twitter explaining TSM's plans for the 2022 LCS Season. Several huge information bombs are dropped throughout, including Bjergsen's 2022 plans as well as which players are staying.

Who is leaving for the TSM 2022 Rebuild?

SwordArt set to Leave TSM in 2021 Offseason

According to Sources at DotEsports, SwordArt is leaving TSM after a single year of playing for them. It's worthy to note that SwordArt was signed under a two-year contract worth $6 million, so he's missing out on money just to leave the org. He was the highest paid player in the LCS, but turned it all down for a chance at success elsewhere. TSM really struggled in 2021, they did not qualify for the 2021 World Championship and were unable to secure any domestic titles as well.

Obviously, this performance was not up to the standards of the Worlds 2020 finalist. We are still awaiting information on whether or not SwordArt will stay in the LCS, but he's a high level player and will likely have offers from all regions. What team would you like to see SwordArt on in 2022?

Bjergsen will Leave TSM in 2021 Offseason and Compete Again

Another huge piece of news for OG LCS fans, Bjergsen has decided to play again. Nothing has been confirmed yet as of where he may end up, but Travis Gafford has hinted at a possible move to Team Liquid with Jensen role-swapping to ADC. Can you imagine these two rivals on the same team? This may come true in the 2022 LCS Season!

The 2021 Offseason window won't begin until November 15th, but we just can't wait to see where this LCS legend ends up! Bjergsen's achievements as a coach include:

  • 2021 LCS Spring Split: 3rd Place
  • 2021 Summer Split: 4th Place

Unfortunately, TSM missed Worlds this year: A blight on an otherwise historically dominant team's record books. TSM will look to turn that around for 2022.

Who is returning for TSM in 2022?

As of now, only two players have been confirmed to return for TSM in 2022. According to sources at DotEsports, Huni and Spica will still be players at TSM when the 2022 LCS Spring Split begins on January 14th. Mark your calendars folks!

TSM Reginald confirmed in his /r/TSM Q&A that Huni and Spica would continue to play for the org in the upcoming split. We recommend you check out this post if you're a big TSM fan, there are a few interesting question regarding the future of the organization.

Unfortunately, that is all the information we have on this matter for now. We'll keep our eyes on any news and update this article as needed to keep you all informed about the upcoming LoLEsports 2022 Offseason!

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