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TSM Tried to Sue Doublelift

News 06-05-2022 14:26
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With the release of an article by the Washington Post, TSM is once again at the forefront of drama. Light has been shone on the bad internal atmosphere due to owner Andy Dinh. This prompted the League community to once again talk about the behavior of TSM's owner. 

One person in particular has spoken out fervently before in regard to Andy Dinh's behaviour with the team and with staff has been Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, who once again spoke out on stream after the release of the article written by Mikhail Klimentov. 


[Update May 6, 2022]

Doublelift Reveals TSM Letter

With the release of the Washington Post article mentioned above, Doublelift has fanned the TSM flames once more, revealing the letter TSM had sent to him, threatening him with legal action. 

TSM is currently evaluating each instance of your existing and ongoing breaches and exploring its legal options. TSM intends to pursue all available legal rights and remedies, including (a) liquidated damages of One Hundred Thousand Dollars for each breack of Section 11(b) and 11(c) of the Employment Agreement, (b) liquidated damages of Two Hundred Thoudsnad Dollars for each break of Section 6(a) and 6 (c) of the Release Agreement, and (c) recovery of all reasonable costs and attorneys' fees associated with any legal action against you. 

TSM have not reacted to the reveal of the letter. 

TSM Threatened to Sue Doublelift After Comments 

Months ago, Doublelift spoke out about the toxic behavior of Andy Dinh and how he treated employees and players alike. Doublelift called Dinh a bully, stating that the way he treated people was unfair. he even went as far as to state that Dinh was verbally abusing his employees. 

Those comments aimed at the TSM CEO landed the former LCS champion in hot water with his previous org. In a recent stream, Doublelift opened up and stated that he'd received a letter from Dinh's team of lawyers threatening to sue him for disparaging his company. 

And then I had to talk to my lawyer and ask them if this sh*t is real? Am I actually getting sued for liquidated damages? 

In his most recent stream, he went on to say that his experience just goes to show that Dinh is a bully, willing to do anything to silence those who 'oppose' him. 

Doubelift also went on to say that the reason why Dinh chose to write a 'clarification' — can we even call it that? — on the article in r/TeamSolomid, rather than address it in the article by being interviewed, was because those in the Reddit will be more sympathetic towards him. 

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More Ex-TSM Employees Speak Out

More and more ex-employees of TSM have spoken out against Dinh and the work environment he cultivated within the company. Some have explained that no one wanted to be in a one-on-one interview with him, because there would be no witnesses to see what the CEO would do. 

Also, another ex-employee, @cryssylol, tweeted out that she had to miss a family affair, due to an issue with a video. She had to drop everything she was doing to go back to the office to fix the problem of the episode, thus resulting in missing an important family affair. Since posting her experience, she has privated her Twitter. 

These types of instances seemed to have been a part of regular work culture for any TSM employee, which has prompted so many to speak out against the CEO. 

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