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You can now feel a little safer!

Two-Factor Authentication Now Available For Your Riot Account

Two Factor Authentication
Let's go! | © Riot Games

Around two years ago Riot Games introduced the Riot account. For most this meant that you merely had to transfer your League of Legends account into a 'Riot Account' for all of Riot's new games. This way you could play VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends with the same username you've had since you were in grade 7. Now, two years later, Riot is implementing a little extra security. 

Finally, you'll be able to add in two-factor authentication into your Riot Account. It's a small step, but it does make you feel a little safer that you won't get hacked as easily. Other big gaming companies have implemented this already, while others are still desperately waiting for two-factor authentication. 


What is Two-Factor Authentication? 

Two-Factor, sometimes even multi-factor authentication is extra security added to keep your account in your own hands. There are multiple steps that go into two-factor authentication. The first is the one step you already know, you entering your username and password. 

Then, any of the following steps can be added on to make sure the person logging in is actually the account owner: 

  • Adding a personal identification number (PIN), answers to 'secret questions' or specific keystroke pattern
  • Authentication through something you already have like another email address or your phone number which is sent a code
  • Biometric pattern of a fingerprint, iris scan or voice print (though this is a bit advanced)
Volibear Captain
Make sure to keep your account safe! | © Riot Games

When is Two-Factor Authentication Available? 

Right now! You're able to set everything up in your Riot account as we speak so you're completely safe from any hackers who might be after the fortune of skins you've got. Or maybe your rank if you're not part of the majority stuck in Gold IV. 

So, make sure you log onto your Riot Account and authenticate yourself and set up the security system! 


How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for your Riot Account

Just follow these steps and you'll be fine: 

  1. Follow this link right here to the official Riot Page
  2. Sign in to your Account
  3. Put in the Code sent to your email
  4. Enter your Account
  5. Under Account Management click on Two-Factor Authentication
  6. Enable it

It's that simple. You'll be getting another email sent to you, just accept the link and then you will be able to use your account safely anywhere you please.