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Tyler1 Concerned About League Viewership - "Is League Twitch Dead?"

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We have already heard about the significant loss of viewers in this year's League of Legends Worlds championship, but is League of Legends on Twitch dying as well? One famous streamer thinks this to be the case. 

The League of Legends World Championship showed a massive drop in viewers this year. While this is mainly due to the difficult timezones that come with having the competition in North America, Tyler1 thinks that League of Legends on Twitch generally seems to be dying out. 

Tyler1 is one of the biggest streamers in the League of Legends community.  He is mostly known for his short temper and for climbing to Challenger in every role in League of Legends

Is LoL Twitch Dying? 

"Is League Twitch dead?" Tyler1 asked during his recent stream. The reason for the question was due to a tweet by Travis Gafford that reported on the LoL Worlds' drop in viewership. 

When Tyler read the news, he started looking through the NA streamer's viewers and was surprised at how few views each stream was getting. 

Some of his favorite streamers, like bobqinxd and tarzaned had way fewer viewers than before Worlds 2022. And Tyler even questioned if it was enough to uphold a streaming career.

Loss of Viewers Due to Worlds Schedule 

Tyler does come with reasons why Worlds would affect the NA streamers. Basically, this is, according to Tyler, due to Worlds not only being at a bad timing for all the other regions but also for the NA streamers.

I think it killed NA streaming, because it's a terrible time slot for NA streamers to stream.

Right now, Worlds takes place from around 3 pm to 10 pm PST, which is exactly when streamers usually like to stream. 

This has resulted in a clash where the NA League of Legends fans has to choose between watching Worlds or their favorite streamers. 

With Worlds 2022 coming to an end very soon, it will be exciting to see if the streamers' numbers will go back to normal or if League of Legends on Twitch is actually dead. 

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