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Are you excited to see this star return to the pro stage?

Uzi joins Bilibili Gaming, Returns to Pro Scene for 2022

The King Returns | © Riot Games

Fans were delighted to hear about the return of LPL Star Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao earlier today. Uzi will join Bilibili Gaming for the 2022 LPL Season in an attempt to return to form as a competitor once again.

Uzi Joining Bilibili Gaming for 2022

Bilibili Gaming made several announcements earlier today on their social media accounts regarding their 2022 roster. Shockingly, they announced the signing of Uzi along with the rest of their roster.

Uzi retired on June 3rd, 2020 due to chronic injuries. Since then, it seems that he has improved his health and is ready to try playing professionally again. We're cautiously optimistic about this legend returning to pro play, hopefully he remains healthy throughout the 2022 season.

Bilibili Gaming 2022 Roster 

It looks like Bilibili are really trying to compete in 2022, with an almost completely rebuilt roster. They were able to sign Crisp from FunPlusPhoenix, who has high potential but didn't look great at Worlds 2021. Bilibili's only player sticking around from last season is the Jungler, Weiwei.

  • Top Lane - Breathe
  • Jungle - Weiwei
  • Mid Laner - FoFo
  • ADC - Uzi/Doggo
  • Support - Crisp

Another notable addition to the team is Doggo, who was a standout player at Worlds 2021 for Beyond Gaming (PCS). He will have the opportunity to compete for the position with one of the greatest ADCs of all time, Uzi.

We're pretty excited to see how this roster is able to compete in the LPL. It would be awesome to see Uzi return to claim his title as the Best Chinese ADC, but we're not sure it'll be so easy. The LPL will be very difficult in 2022, with many teams making big roster moves.

Make sure you tune in to catch all the action when the LPL starts next month in early January.