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Did you catch the madness that occurred in Play-Ins yesterday? We can't wait to see Day 4!

Worlds 2021 Meta Analysis: Play-Ins Day 3

News 08-10-2021 08:30
Playins day 3
We apologize for Jinxing Cloud9...| © Riot Games

If you didn’t tune in for Day 3 of Worlds 2021 Play-Ins, you missed out to say the least.. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with a recap on how the meta looks heading into Day 4 of Play-Ins.

Miss Fortune, Leona, and Xin Zhao continue to define the meta at Worlds 2021. Will these champions keep their status as we head into Group Stages? Their stats seem to say so, but how did teams adapt on Day 3 of Worlds Play-Ins?

Meta-Defining Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 3

*sigh* Once again, Miss Fortune is the champion being overwhelmingly favored in the meta for a multitude of reasons. The most notable ones being her powerful laning stage and teamfight presence. This isn’t the first time the bounty hunter has made her way on stage at Worlds - and it almost certainly won’t be the last due to her simplistic strengths. Teams seem to be unable to find a way to counter her, but are still trying - her ban rate is at 13.6% but may yet rise during Day 4.

Leona is just barely trailing the Bilgewater Captain’s pick/ban rate of 95.5% with her own staggering percentage, 81.8%. This champion is no stranger to international events, as her cc-heavy kit always has its place in professional play. Riot may consider reworking her in the future, just like they did with Tahm Kench. Will Leona be a top laner in 2022? Only time will tell...

Most Banned Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 3

Yet again, the best players in the world are prioritizing skill expressive champions with versatile kits. Irelia, Lee Sin, Lucian, and Leblanc have been let out of ban-prison to play a few times with fairly low win rates (50% or below for all). However, they keep being banned out consistently - its possible these champions are dominating in scrimmages behind the scenes.

Will these champions be tossed aside in favor of new ones once the Group Stage starts? It's entirely possible! The teams already qualified for Worlds 2021 Group Stage are taking note of the emerging meta for play-ins, and likely working on strategies to counter what's working now. We may see totally different champion priorities for the next stage of this tournament, maybe Teemo is totally op!?

Notable Developments of Worlds Play-Ins Meta Day 3

In the Jungle, Taliyah and Talon are both sitting at an 100% winrate, but with 3 or less games played for each - they seem to be reserved for rare situations. Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, and Qiyana all have been played the most times - Xin Zhao is quickly becoming an outlier with his 77% pick/ban rate.

Moving away from Jungle meta and into the Mid lane, Sylas has been locked in 9 total games - making him the most common pick. The mid lane has seen a fair bit of champion diversity, with picks like Tryndamere, Galio, Akali, Sett, and Lissandra all being taken at least once.

As for Top lane, it’s a little less diverse. Bruisers seem to rule the meta, with champions like Jayce, Camille, and Irelia being heavily favored by our play-in teams. This has commonly been the case in high elo solo queue as well as during the splits in regional play. A common theme with these champions is that they can carry gold well, so teams have the option to play through top lane.

Worlds 2021 Play-Ins will resume tomorrow at 4AM PT/7AM ET for our North American readers with teams getting knocked out. It’s make it or break it time for these teams.. Make sure you tune in to receive special drops for Worlds 2021!

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