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Worlds 2021 Meta Analysis: Play-Ins Day 2

Worlds Groups Day 2
Are you convinced that C9 will win worlds yet? | © Riot Games

Worlds Play-Ins continued earlier today with plenty of exciting matchups. Only LNG and Cloud9 remain as the undefeated teams of their groups respectively. But there is still plenty to play for as we move on to Day 3 of Play-Ins.

We’re beginning to notice a trend in the meta with teams continuing to favor Miss Fortune, Lee Sin, Irelia, and Lucian. All of these champions are sporting an extremely high pick/ban rate, what’s the deal with that? We’ll answer that question and much more in our meta analysis of Worlds Play-Ins Day 2.

Meta-Defining Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 2

Miss Fortune retained her grip on the hearts of the teams competing in Worlds Play-Ins today. She has been picked in 14 games as of now, while being banned out the rest of the time. This is a truly scary stat and only time will tell if the top teams can figure out how to deal with her during the Group Stage.

Amumu is still sporting a 75% pick/ban rate with an abysmal 17% win rate. Sylas seems to be a common counter to the mummy, stealing his ult and turning it around on the other team. I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing much more of the Amumu as the Worlds 2021 meta continues to change, teams should probably find a new strategy - or at least ban out the Sylas.

Most Banned Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 2

Lucian, Irelia, and Lee Sin from yesterday have been joined by a new challenger: Leblanc. Although she isn’t carrying quite as high of a ban percentage, she’s still up there with an 87.5% pick/ban rate. She has only been played in 4 games while winning half of those, but teams would rather not deal with her antics. Leblanc, much like our other most banned culprits, has a kit of abilities that are useful in many different situations. This causes her to be a threat in many different kinds of compositions, hence the huge ban rate.

Checking back in on our friend Irelia from yesterday, she's been played in 5 games total. 3 games in mid lane and 2 games in top lane, with a 33% and 50% win rate respectively. She doesn’t seem to be dominating too hard when she’s picked, but maybe that’s due to her high variance gameplay or the situations in which she’s been locked in. Either way, only time will tell if she remains a high priority champion during Worlds 2021.

Notable Developments of Worlds Play-Ins Meta Day 2

My prayers yesterday were heard loud and clear as Taliyah was picked in the Jungle 3 times today, carrying a 100% winrate at the end of Day 2. It’s also important to note that Leona and Xin Zhao have seen a lot of priority too. Leona has been paired often with Miss Fortune, as these two champions excel in 2v2 skirmishes.

Xin Zhao was seen a lot during the Summer Split for many of the regional leagues, his simplistic kit shouldn’t be underestimated - as it holds a lot of value in many situations. Xin Zhao’s early-game strength leads to him being an excellent option against many of the assassins we saw on Day 1, Worlds 2021 could see a lot more of this champion.

Worlds 2021 Play-Ins will resume tomorrow at 4AM PT/7AM ET for our North American readers. Make sure you tune in to receive special drops for Worlds 2021!

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