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League of Legends: Upcoming Freljordian Vastaya Champion Potentially Leaked

News 17-05-2024 11:03

Riot might have just leaked their next League of Legends champion and the community is not too happy with it. 

Watcher attacking Freljord
League of Legends: Players were hoping for a furry Vastaya... | © Riot Games

The next League of Legends champion is going to be from the Freljord. Riot have also teased the champion to be a bunny of some sort, with multiple rabbit puns in their description during the last champion roadmap. 

Now, it seems like Riot have accidentally patched some new emotes into the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and players got a small glimpse of what the new champion could look like. But is it what fans wanted? 

League of Legends: New Vastaya Champion Leaked

The next League of Legends champion is going to be a bunny Vastaya. The cool thing about the Vastaya is the wide range of looks they have. There are literal fish Vastaya, monkey Vastaya and more, but throughout the last few years these creatures have become much more human. 

For champions like Sett, who is half Vastaya, this makes sense, but it seems like players were hoping that with this new Freljordian champion they would be getting something a little more... furry. 

The new icon and emote only show off the characters face and shoulders, so it's hard to tell what is below that, Maybe they'll have some cute bunny feet? Since the icon and emote also have the character wearing a big furry hood, it's also hard to tell whether they've got big bunny ears as well. 

But what has players believing that she is the new League of Legends champion? Well, according to the file name she is going to be called "Aurora". Not only that, but a new Subreddit r/AuroraMains has also been reserved already, something Riot usually does ahead of a champion release. 

So it'll be interesting to see how she looks in an actual game and whether her hood is going to be permanently added to her model or if players can take it off to see whether she's got some cute bunny ears under there. 

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