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LoL: Best Build For Yasuo In 2024

Patch Notes 10-02-2024 14:00

Yasuo is one of the most popular champions in the game. Some might even say that he is the face of outplays, together with his brother Yone. Both of these champions are incredibly hard to play and master. We decided to make a guide for Yasuo's best build so that you can focus on outplaying your opponents instead of what items to build.

Yasuo 1
OG Best Yasuo skin. | © Riot Games

Yasuo is a fighter champion that can be played in various positions. He works really well in the mid lane but can also work in top and in the adc position. He has a passive that doubles his critical chance which makes those items incredibly efficient for him. He is also one of the most popular champions in the game but incredibly hard to play, therefore he is currently sitting at a measly 49.37% win rate.

LoL: What's The Best Yasuo Build

Nightbringer Yasuo
Best Yasuo skin in the game by far. | © Riot Games

Yasuo has some pretty straight forward core items. His Q Cooldown scales with his attack speed so he wants to buy Berserker's Greaves in almost every match. If you are facing some heavy AD comps you can also opt for the Plated Steelcaps. You always want to rush this.

His first item is always a Kraken Slayer. This item gives him all the stats he desperately wants and even more. The passive works great against tanks and bruisers but also allows him to shred through low HP targets. Yasuo is already at 40% Crit chance with this item alone.

His second item is Infinity Edge. This item increases his Crit chance by another 40% and also gives him a 40% Crit damage bonus. It is a must-buy item for any character that wants to critically strike.

His third item will be an Immortal Shieldbow in most cases. This gives him some much-needed sustain and also helps him reach 100% Crit chance. The survivability of the shield passive is not to be underestimated as it can definitely turn the tides in close 1vs1 scenarios.

All the other item options are conditional. Since the removal of mythic items Yasuo likes to buy Iceborn Gauntlet as it helps him keep on top of targets and gives him some more HP and a nice Sheen passive. Guardian Angel and Death's Dance are great armor item choices as well if you are facing a strong bruiser or a fed ADC.

Magic Resist options are looking a bit grim, but you can always buy a Wit's End for some Attack Speed and Magic Resist in the early game. Other than that you might want to pick up a Spirit Visage if you heal a lot or a Kaenic Rookern if you are afraid of getting one-shot by an Evelynn.

Inkshadow Yasuo
He is so badass. | © Riot Games

Your Full Build should look usually like this:

  1. Berserker's Greaves
  2. Kraken Slayer
  3. Infinity Edge
  4. Immortal Shieldbow
  5. Iceborn Gauntlet
  6. Guardian Angel

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