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LoL: ASol Got Buffed, Now He Is Worse Than Before

News 08-02-2024 14:35

Aurelion Sol has always struggled in the rift in terms of strength and popularity. He is super strong in the late game which means that his early game is terrible. Riot tried to balance it out a bit with some recent changes, but it turns out he gets way too strong. So they hotfix nerfed him. A lot.

Porcelain Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol gets his first legendary skin! | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol has been struggling since forever. His release abilities were a nightmare to balance, and only the best players could utilize his laning and roaming power well. Followed by his rework, this didn't really change. 

The new stardust passive made it vital for him to farm up in the early game, so his ultimate would be able to turn the tides of team fights alone. But they still wanted to keep the old Aurelion Sol feeling with his W. This ability is great for getting in and out of action and to roam to a side lane in danger. With the recent changes, they allowed him to be a bit more aggressive and proactive while flying around the map. 

This would prove to be an issue that Riot has recently tried to address. With so little success that they had to hotfix it. 

LoL: Aurelion Sol Is Now Weaker Than Before The Buffs

Inkshadow Aurelion Sol
Poor Space Doggo. | © Riot Games

With the recent changes, Riot has tried to make it easier for Aurelion Sol to be proactive rather than reactive to what's happening on the Rift. Riot wanted to shift more power to his W+Q combo rather than sitting under tower and E'ing the wave. 

So what Riot did was buffing his W+Q Bonus Damage from 14/15.5/17/18.5/20% to 18/20/22/24/26%. He would also get 3 instead of 1 stack of Stardust per Champion Burst. This made ASol completely broken overnight, and he had up to a 57% win rate.

As such, Riot has decided to hotfix the space doggo. His W+Q Bonus Damage is now 8/9/10/11/12%. And he only gets 2 Stacks instead of 3. This is actually an incredibly large nerf, and Aurelion Sol might now be even weaker than before his buffs.

Time will tell how much will change with ASol when he is now nudged towards early trading. Maybe players will just farm under tower again, but have more early skirmish opportunities. 

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