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How will Renata affect the Rift in two weeks time?

LoL Patch 12.05 Preview

Patch Notes 16-02-2022 21:00
Admiral Renata
Is there any way to make Renata more of a badass | © Riot Games

It did not take long for Riot Games to ride the coattails of the success of the Arcane series and release two Zaunite champions, Zeri and Renata in a short timeframe. What we can expect now, especially with patch 12.05, is for them to focus on balancing Renata, as much as they've been nerfing Zeri, before moving on to the next theme of season 12.

With so many changes to the meta, the rise of enchanters in unconventional roles, League of Legends can ill-afford a broken champion to plague the Rift. The question remains if Renata will be broken at all.

How will Renata Glasc Perform in the Bot Lane?

What can be expected of the Chem-Baroness, with her innovative kit, once she hits the live servers with patch 12.04? Will she be as overpowered as everyone fears, or will this support champion follow in the footsteps of Rell and fall into obscurity?

It takes time for Riot Games to hit the right sweet spot regarding balance, for many of the champions in the game. Renata’s abilities seem to be on the side of being hard to balance, as it’s not just a numbers issue, but the fact that her Bailout ability, for example, resembles the removed Chemtech Drake, due to how overpowered its soul was, without mentioning the rest. Thus, it’s likely that the next LoL patch will revolve around balancing this champion.

Will Renata Glasc Get Nerfed?

Up until now, the newest Zaunite support champion in LoL, Renata Glasc has had a number of guides and predictions made, as per the gameplay feedback from the PBE server. However, the PBE League of Legends server is just that, a Beta testing ground, and Riot have already insinuated that they do not like where the meta is taking the champion.

This is what they had to say on the matter:

“For Renata Glasc, Bailout is one of those risky abilities we needed to prepare action items for. For example, the potency and frequency of successfully reviving an ally is a potential area of concern. If the frequency is too high, we already have several viable levers from gameplay validation and know what each of them will do.”

They go on to say the measures they have in mind have the potential of taking Renata’s Bailout ability away from what the players focus on. That is, making this ability more about the stat buffs, than the revive mechanic it offers.

Renata Glasc
Embrace the power of capitalism | © Riot Games

Whatever the case may be, whether Renata Glasc becomes overpowered or not, the increased number of Players testing the champion will give Riot all the information they need. If there is one thing we can be sure of, it's that players will find a build for the champion that Riot do not approve of, much like the Zeri build centered around Trinity Force.

League of Legends Client Changes

Every League of Legends patch includes some miscellaneous changes added. It's no different for the 12.04 patch, and patch 12,05 will likely be the same. In their most recent patch, however, Riot Games have introduced some customization options to the client:

  • Summoner Icons: You can now sort and search your summoner icons when selecting one to display! Summoner icons now display informational tooltips when you hover over them,
  • Summoner Level Icon Borders: You can now select any of the summoner level icon borders you've earned so far, rather than just your highest level one. Your selection will not appear on the in-game loading screens just yet.

The second of the two implies that the match loading screens will likely show the chosen option as well. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could find on the promised changes to the queue, which were supposed to offset the terrible new way of picking your roles when queuing up for a game.

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