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LoL Patch 13.17: Another Set Of Nerfs For Statikk Shiv – Why Was This Item Even Brought Back?

Patch Notes 17-08-2023 14:40
Statikk Nerfs
Statikk Shiv will receive a nerf, again |©Riot Games

Balancing items through buffs and nerfs is a common practice in games like League of Legends, and it's a standard part of patch updates. Sometimes, these changes are necessary to ensure a healthy meta, especially when certain items become overly powerful. 

However, having an item undergo four changes within just two months is a rarity, but this particular item certainly needs it!

LoL Patch 13.17: Further Nerf for Statikk Shiv

In the history of League of Legends, few items have required as many adjustments as Statikk Shiv. One that comes to mind is Duskblade of Draktharr, which is also undergoing changes in upcoming patches.

Just to provide an idea of the effort invested in this item, Statikk Shiv has been modified in Patch 13.10 (upon its reintroduction), Patch 13.11, Patch 13.12, Patch 13.13, Patch 13.14, and now again in Patch 13.17.

Did Statikk's more harm than good for the game? |©Riot Games

Riot Games seems to struggle with finding the right balance for Shiv, yet they remain committed to refining the item. Let's explore the latest announced update for the item. As shared by the League of Legends Twitter account "Spideraxe," Statikk Shiv will undergo another nerf.

According to Spideraxe, the nerf will affect the AP-ratio of the item.

Reducing the ratio from 30% to 15% will significantly impact the item and the champions that rely on it, signifying the necessity for a substantial change. This move comes as previous adjustments didn't yield the desired effect of balancing the item.

Despite numerous nerfs, the item remains potent in its current form. It will be intriguing to observe how the forthcoming nerf will influence the popularity of Statikk Shiv. Based on the comments about the announced nerfs, many players anticipate this adjustment. 

And sometimes the devs surely ask themselves: Why was this item even brought back?

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