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LoL Patch 14.10: One Of The Oldest Champions To Receive Some Major Changes

Patch Notes 30-04-2024 16:44

Riot is finally going to make some changes and revert some OG updates to a LoL champion to make him more viable in multiple roles. 

Corki Fnatic
LoL Patch 14.10: Riot is ready to make some changes. | © Riot Games

Throughout the last few years, Riot has taken older champions, or champions with a low play rate, and upgraded their kits with small adjustments called Mid-Scope Updates. This has improved some champions greatly, like Rell and Syndra. 

Well, now Riot Phreak is taking another champion under his microscope to make sure that he finally gets played in the bot lane once more. Who are we talking about? Well, none other than Corki, of course. 

LoL Patch 14.10: Phreak Outlines Corki Changes

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Corki is one of the oldest champions, and in recent years he has only been played by pro players when they needed someone to counter Azir. But there was a time, long before you might have played League of Legends, where Corki was actually a bot laner. 

Well, with these changes that Riot Phreak is proposing, Corki might just be back in the bot lane, with the devs thinking of making him an early game focused champion. Will these proposed changes work? 

Corki Changes Coming In Patch 14.10

Passive – Hextech Munitions

Corgi corki
What do you think of these Corki buffs and changes? | © Riot Games
  • 15% bonus true damage, including Sheen
  • Remove The Package

Q – Phosphorus Bomb

  • Missile Speed Buff
  • AD Ratio Buff
  • Cooldown Changed
  • Mana Cost Buff

W – Valkyrie

  • Damage Re-Scripted (Buffed)
  • Particle Updates

E – Gatling Gun

Dragonwing Corki
Corki changes! Did he need them? | © Riot Games
  • Cooldown Buffed
  • Shred Cap Buffed
  • Shred Rate Buffed
  • Damage and AD Ratio Nerfed

R – Missile Barrage

  • Ammo on Rank-Up
  • Ammo Rate/Cap Nerfed
  • Ammo Refunds on Champ Auto
  • Mana Cost Nerf
  • Physical Damage, Higher Base
  • Bonus AD no longer scales on Rank
Ice toboggan corki
This skin is so back baby~! | © Riot Games

With these changes, Corki would have a much stronger Q thanks to the increased missile speed and AD buffs. The fact that they're getting rid of his iconic Package is also interesting, since that was the power most played around, and now he is a much more straightforward champion. 

Riot did include a lot of buffs, because Corki would lose a lot of power without Package. The ultimate was nerfed though, so it doesn't scale as hard. The team also had to include a nerf to the Ammo, but to compensate, players can now get refunds on champion auto attacks. 

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