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LoL Patch 14.9: LoL Players Happy With Quality Of Life Improvements

Patch Notes 25-04-2024 16:20

Riot has been adding small quality of life changes to various champions throughout Season 14, and the most recent change has been particularly popular among fans. 

Astronaut Kennen and Fizz
LoL Patch 14.9: League of Legends players are happy with the direction the game is going. | © Riot Games

Throughout the last few months, Riot has been adding small, yet effective quality of life changes to champions kits. This is something the community has taken note of and are pretty happy with, hoping Riot will keep it up. 

In the recent LoL Patch 14.9, another small buff has been revealed for none other than Kennen, who has been struggling in the top lane, and while it isn't huge, the planned quality of life change could improve the champion drastically. 

LoL Patch 14.9: Small Kennen Buff Appreciated By Community

Worlds Kennen
These Kennen changes are great. | © Riot Games

Kennen has been struggling in the top lane in solo queue lately. He has been in the F and D tier for a while. Now, in LoL Patch 14.9, Riot is going to look in to making a small quality of life change and the community has taken note. 

Kennen's ultimate has been adjusted so that the small Yordle will be able to move while casting his ultimate. The cast also received a new animation. Before this change, Kennen had to stand still to be able to cast his ult, something that just didn't feel good in the fast-paced game that League of Legends has become. 

Arctic Ops Kennen Wild Rift
I hope more champions get small QoL changes like this. | © Riot Games

So, this tiny change that Riot is implementing in the upcoming patch was quickly noted by fans, and they appreciate that Riot is giving older champions these small quality of life updates that should improve them in the long run. 

Pleased to see the continued QoL improvements being rolled out on different champs this year, cast while moving is a simple change for Kennen but will certainly make me want to play him a lot more.

Now, what other champions should Riot focus on next to give some meaningful quality of life changes? Maybe letting Lux cast her W shiled while moving? 

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