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LoL Patch 14.8: Riot Added Changes To Improve Ranked

Patch Notes 23-04-2024 16:32

New League of Legends players have complained recently that they have not been seeded correctly when starting their ranked climb. Now, Riot believes they found a way to fix this issue. 

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LoL Patch 14.8: Do players feel they're getting better ranked matches now? | © Riot Games

Some new ranked League of Legends players have been put into the wrong tier once they start playing the game. There have been multiple posts on Reddit throughout the start of the season revealing this, but it seems that Riot is now fixing it. 

One of the things that players noticed is that they were seeded much higher than they should be due to bugs, which Riot took note of. Now, Riot Phroxzon, Lead Gameplay Designer on LoL, revealed what Riot has done to fix these issues. 

LoL Patch 14.8: New Ranked Players Should Be Seeded Correctly

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Hopefully this will improve ranked in the second split. | © Riot Games

Riot Phroxzon recently went on Twitter/X to reveal that the League of Legends team has been working on improving seeding for ranked games. This is especially useful for new ranked players who have been experiencing awful match making due to some bugs, placing them much higher than they should be in solo queue. 

Previously, new players who mostly played ARAM and vs. AI matches before jumping into ranked were not placed correctly, which is something Riot has addressed and should be improved now. 

Phroxzon explained that in this patch "[Riot has] pushed some changes to seed all players more correctly into Ranked, regardless of incoming queue". This will also mean that players who experienced the placement bug earlier this year will now be placed in better lobbies going forward. 

The downside? Players might experience negative LP gains because of this, as the system is trying to adjust the invisible and visible rank to be on the same level. 

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