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League of Legends: Riot Reportedly Adding Third International Event In 2025

Esports 24-04-2024 17:55

Fans have been asking for more international tournaments, and it seems like another might be added to the LoL calendar in 2025.

Worlds 2023 semi finals fans
League of Legends: There are reports of a new tournament to be added in 2025. | © Riot Games

Riot might be adding more international competition to the 2025 esports schedule, with a third tournament reportedly currently being planned. This change could shake up the current esports schedule and would mean that leagues are going to have to adopt some new formats. 

When would this new tournament take place though and which teams will be invited according to the rumors? 

League of Legends: New International Tournament Allegedly Being Added In 2025

The 2024 season is underway with MSI just around the corner in Chengdu, China this year. But now, according to a report from esports journalist Alejandro Gomis, Riot might introduce a third international event as early as March 2025. 

Faker and Guma MSI 2023
Another international tournament would be welcome. | © Riot Games

According to Sheep Esports, the tournament would take place between the LEC Winter and Spring Split. Apparently one team from every region should be invited, though it isn't clear whether minor region teams will also be able to participate, though most believe that they will. 

By adding a third tournament into the year, regional leagues like the LCK, LCS and LPL, might have to switch to a 3-split system similar to what the LEC is currently doing, so there aren't breaks in the middle of a seasonal split. Other events, like the Mid-Season Invitational, will also have to be pushed back and will likely take place later in the year, instead of in May. 

Of course, this information is just rumors for now and has not been confirmed by Riot yet, so we're going to have to wait and see when Riot will release the official information on this potential tournament. Would Worlds also be pushed back to take place later in the year in 2025? 

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