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Breathe Howling Abyssers, breathe. ARAM is now safe again.

LoL: Riot Makes Key Changes To Toxic Ranked Lockout

Patch Notes 09-10-2023 12:30

After the changes to the behavioral system in 13.19, Riot has now introduced measures against possible “loopholes”. Toxic players are now supposed to really change their attitude.

Dr mundo toxic dr
Example of a toxic player|©Riot Games

Everyone knows it: You just want to play a relaxed round of SoloQ and barely three minutes into the game, your mom gets insulted.

Riot removed the teammate pings with the last patch, which is already a good step towards player behavior improvements. The chat still exists, but toxic players now receive harsher punishments.

After changes in Patch 13.19, toxic players will now be banned from ranked for a while, but not everyone in the community benefitted from this. Now, Riot has listened to the community and changed one more important thing. 

Howling Abyss Landscape
The dark abyss will be free from the dark toxicity |© Riot Games

Toxic Ranked Lockout: What Is Changing?

Toxic players wanted to get rid of their number of penalty games quickly and easily. And what comes to mind when you think of a quick mode? Right, ARAM.

This led to an increase in the number of players with ranked penalties appearing in ARAM after the changes in the last patch. Naturally, the ARAM community is not happy about this, as it is supposed to be a fun mode and a place of peace. Let’s not talk about the high MMR areas.

What Riot is changing now is that players must serve their punishment on Summoners Rift. The ARAM community can breathe a sigh of relief.

These changes will come in 13.21.

What If Toxic Players Continue To Behave Toxic?

If toxic players continue to behave toxic during their punishment, the penalty will simply be reset to the beginning. So they have to change their behavior compulsorily in order to be allowed back into ranked.

I think this is an excellent step, because normal games are not really the most important thing in the world right now anyway. Of course, you should try to be a good teammate and play for the win, but in the end, a normal game doesn’t matter much.

In ranked, it’s currently not so much about the skill of the players whether you win or lose, but which team has fewer mental breakdowns.

So we can only hope that conditioning will help, and that players will show better behavior in the game even after their penalty, in order to move towards a better world.

What Will Be The Change If Players Just Force Quick Losses?

According to Riot, it is currently not the case that players force quick losses in order to avoid their penalty as quickly as possible. This would of course have a negative impact on playing normals and would also contradict the purpose of the penalty in a steep 180-degree turn.

In case there are such players in the future, the regulation will be changed: Players can then only reduce their penalty by winning.

I think this would be a good change even now. This way, non-toxicity is trained in connection with the goal of winning.

Currently, it is still the case that people in ranked simply soft int when frustrated. 

Just like the Top lane Fiora which went 1/15 again and blamed you for that in your last ranked game. 

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