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These supports will make it much easier for your carries to play the game in patch 13.23!

LoL: Support Tier List For Patch 13.23

Patch Notes 29-11-2023 15:30

Do you want to make fancy plays or are you happy empowering your bot lane friend? We have a champion for every occasion on our support tier list for League of Legends patch 13.23!

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Who will be our S-Tier supports? Spoiler: It's not Braum | ©Riot Games

Whether you aspire to channel your inner Hylissang or simply want to be a very supportive teammate, this support tier list for patch 13.23 in League of Legends will help you determine who to play!

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Support Tier List For LoL Patch 13.23: These Are The Best Supports

3. Senna

Senna was nerfed in the previous patch, but she still holds a top 3 position. Fasting Senna remains a consistently strong pick.

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Senna is our number 3 | ©Riot Games


With Senna, you should always prioritize Umbral Glaive into Ghostblade. This will maximize your carry potential. Fleet Footwork is the recommended rune.


Your early game isn't particularly strong since Senna is a scaling champion. However, her long-range capabilities allow for effective harassment.


Senna struggles against heavy poke champions like Xerath or engage champions like Blitzcrank.

Good Synergy:

Senna synergizes well with bruisers like Tahm Kench or mages like Swain.

2. Soraka

Soraka has established herself as a top-tier support pick for this patch, boasting a 52.34% win rate.

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Soraka is our number 2 | ©Riot Games


For Soraka, always prioritize Moonstone Renewer into Redemption.


Soraka remains fairly effective throughout the game but starts to fall off in the late game.


Soraka struggles against Blitzcrank.

Good Synergy:

The two best synergies for Soraka are Vayne and Ashe, as they can dominate the laning phase alongside her and carry games effectively when protected.

1. Rakan

The top spot has remained the same for weeks. Rakan continues to be the best support in the game, with no signs of that changing anytime soon.

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Rakan is flying to the Top 1 | ©Riot Games


Always opt for Radiant Virtue as your first item when playing Rakan.


Rakan reaches his strongest point in the later stages of the game.


Rakan is vulnerable to champions that can interrupt him while using his W, such as Janna or Neeko.

Good Synergy:

Rakan synergizes well with Ziggs and Miss Fortune, as he can set them up perfectly for their ultimates.

Support Tier List For LoL Patch 13.23

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Our best support picks for Patch 13.23 | ©Riot Games

Now that we've covered the S-Tier champions in LoL Patch 13.23, let's take a look at where some of your other favorite champions stand. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Support Champions?

The A-Tier champions are still considered excellent picks. These are champions you can easily select and still win games. They are your go-to choices when the S-Tier champions are banned. If you want to climb the solo queue ladder, these are the picks to master this patch.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Xerath 52.79% 6.54%
Blitzcrank 51.87% 8.36%
Janna 52.36% 5.10%
Pyke 50.70% 6.36%
Sylas 51.37% 0.85%
Poppy 52.03% 0.40%
Zyra 53.47% 6.34%
Taliyah 51.96% 0.19%
Lux 50.91% 11.55%

It appears that engage supports are no longer as dominant in this patch. These champions excel at bullying the enemy ADC and snowballing the game. With AD junglers taking the meta by storm again, early-game snowballing seems to be more prevalent.

Sylas is an intriguing support option, strong in lane and capable of solo-carrying games once he obtains Night Harvester. Think of him like Sylas Jungle: you need to snowball or risk losing.

Who Are Our B-Tier Support Champions?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good but not as powerful as the A- or S-Tier champions. These are picks you can choose situationally, but it's advisable to master the champion before picking them.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Thresh 50.27% 12.49%
Maokai 53.28% 1.82%
Fiddlesticks 52.42% 0.47%
Zac 52.61% 0.53%
Sona 52.56% 2.19%
Rell 50.18% 3.68%
Zilean 51.44% 2.23%
Nami 51.29% 5.19%
Bard 50.93% 4.41%
Alistar 50.78% 4.58%
Taric 52.78% 1.24%
Ivern 51.97% 0.14%

Fiddlesticks and Zac are two interesting off-meta supports that can catch opponents off guard.

Who Are Our F-Tier Support Champions?

We recommend avoiding these picks in this patch, either because of their abysmal win rates or due to nerfs in the patch.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Yuumi 48.14% 4.17%
Miss Fortune 44.27% 0.74%
Malphite 47.33% 0.62%

Yuumi hasn't fared well after her nerfs, likely due to her popularity in pro play. However, her pick rate remains surprisingly high, indicating the dedication of Yuumi mains.

These are the best support champions in LoL Patch 13.23. Do you agree with the rankings, or do you think your favorite champion should be higher or lower?

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