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LoL: RIP Rell Jungle - Back To Boring

News 08-04-2024 17:04

While Rell has enjoyed a stint in the jungle, it seems like Riot prefers to shoebox her into one specific role, killing off her jungle potential completely in the latest patch. 

High Noon Rell
Rell also finally got a new skin! | © Riot Games

Rell is a champion that was very unpopular for most of the time since her release. 

In Season 13 Riot gave Rell some updates that made her a potent jungler. This was increasing her damage towards monsters, and she actually had a decent clear. She worked similar to Amumu and Maokai. 

These changes made her very attractive for pro play as there was more variety, and she was a great support jungle flex pick, something that teams were missing.

Riot Is Done With Rell Jungle

Star Guardian Rell
I would have loved to keep Rell as a jungler. | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.7 Riot has decided that Rungle (Rell Jungle hehe) is no more. They have removed the bonus damage from her Q, W and E. This along with the 14.4 Nerf to her Shield Shatter made her jungle capabilities not only weak but actually impossible.

She just doesn't have the damage any more to clear the jungle. As a compensation buff they increased her Magic resistance growth from 1.85 to 2.05 per level.

Rell Support was already decent though and is now a very stable pick. Rell Jungle however is completely dead and just shouldn't be picked anymore.

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