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LoL: Riot Buffs Mordekaiser In The Best Way

News 09-04-2024 15:55

Mordekaiser is usually a solo queue pick that works until people realize that you can buy Quicksilver Sash to cleanse it. Well, looks like Riot wants the champion to work everywhere now.

High Noon Mordekaiser
Mordekaiser is a great champion if you just want to bash. | © Riot Games

Mordekaiser has a pretty straight forward kit that works pretty well. If he is fed enough he can basically 1vs1 anyone that comes his way. Teammates or enemies dont matter because Mordekaisers Ult allows him to take him and the chosen enemy into the Realm of Death. 

This is a one versus one arena that lasts for 7 seconds. Nobody can get in, and you can only get out earlier if one of the two champions inside dies OR if you use the item Quicksilver Sash.

This Is The Craziest Mordekaiser Buff

Ashen Knight Mordekaiser
"Flesh constrains, iron liberates." | © Riot Games

Riot Phroxzon has shared his plans for Patch 14.8 on Twitter/X. They are changing Mordekaiser ult so that you cannot escape it with the Quicksilver Sash any more. Now anybody who has ever played Mordekaiser or any ADC against Mordekaiser will instantly realize that this is an absolutely crazy buff. ADC's who are even remotely behind will now just die in the Death Realm with almost 0 chance of escaping.

Naturally the community is freaking out and talking about this change making Mordekaiser too broken or just too strong in general. But what are Riots intentions behind the change?

Well after the Mordekaiser rework he was made into a really strong juggernaut that wasnt supposed to have any presence in Pro Play. Because ADC's in Pro Play are smart enough to Quicksilver Sash it made Mordekaiser completely useless in any competitive environment.

Riot has now changed their opinion on this. Mordekaiser has loads of counterplay against his entire kit and especially in higher ranks or competitive, if you play Mordekaiser you want his Ult to be effective and not just a useless button that gets outplayed by an item.  

He was always struggling because new champions can easily dodge his abilities and kite him until he just falls over and dies.

It's interesting to see the harsh community response towards this champion who almost doesnt get played in higher elos at all but only time will tell if these changes actually make Mordekaiser viable in pro play and better in higher elos. (Spoilers: Yes he will be very strong in Solo Queue)

PROJECT Mordekaiser
"Welcome to Oblivion" | © Riot Games

As a Mordekaiser Enjoyer myself I absolutely love these changes and cannot wait to play the Iron Revenant in Patch 14.8!

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