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Now my jungler will finally be able to lose to actual bots!

New and Improved Bots Coming to PBE for Two Weeks

News 29-08-2023 02:30
Tutorial selection
Tutorial so bad, the best thing about it is the speedrun community | © Riot Games

For quite some time now, League of Legends bots have been unable to fulfill their purpose of being a teaching tool, to get players ready for actual PvP matches. Riot have announced a while back that they are working on new bots capable of doing exactly what the fans have been demanding for years.

Riot DashiJador and Riot Sentanel have announced that new bots are coming to PBE in September or October, for testing. And they seem to be equipped with everything they need to succeed!

Updated LoL Bots Coming to PBE Soon

After beginner players finish their tutorial missions, which are abysmal in and of themselves to such an extent new players must turn to third-party sites for in-depth LoL guides, their only option of learning the game is to play the Co-Op vs. AI game mode.

Much like the tutorial, these leave a lot to be desired, since the bots in question don't follow the meta, have no roles, and objectives are non-existent.

Soraka 0
Support what? | © Riot Games

Because of that, Riot have announced that new introductory-level bots will be hitting the PBE for a trial run in either September or October for 2 weeks!

The introductory bots are the lowest level of bots in League of Legends, so they will not be much of a challenge to anyone who already plays on the PBE.

Still, playing against them will help Riot lower the learning curve of League of Legends, and get more players on-board of our favorite game!

How are new LoL Bots Better Than Old Bots?

Up until now, regardless of their difficulty level, League of Legends bots would almost blindly charge towards the enemy Nexus, trying to destroy it.

By doing this, and playing against them, new players would be unaware of the actual tactics that take place in every LoL match to gain an advantage that is not achieved by bashing their head against a brick wall until one or the other caves!

Chemtech Dragon
The OP drake drama did not influence the bots at all! | © Riot Games

According to Riot, the new bots will be capable of:

  • Jungling
  • Ganking
  • Supporting each other
  • Role Selection - with appropriate rune, spell, and lane positions
  • Taking objectives like dragons and Baron!

Even the introductory bots that are coming soon will be capable of emulating actual League of Legends games, which will prepare new players and teach them the usual tactics of every game, as they emulate the things their AI opponents do!

  • Gonna need more than playing versus bots to climb to high elo. Luckily, there is a Secret Blueprint

How to Play Against New LoL Bots?

The new bots will only be available on the PBE server, which is hosted in NA. To play against the new LoL bots, players will need a PBE account.

Getting a PBE account is easy, just beware of the ping if your usual server is not in NA.

Once these bots get released, players will be given the option of choosing a new queue called “Beta Bots.” Here, the new bots will await for the PBE veterans to smash them to pieces.

Note that the bots will only be available for two weeks before being recalled for improvements, so make sure to take advantage of the time window of their release.

The question that remains, however, would have us wonder if it's too little too late, and if League of Legends has passed its golden age of capitalizing on an influx of new players.

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