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We sure hope so!

Will Kassadin Receive an ASU?

Skins 03-03-2022 18:00
Kassadin Splash Update
Now this looks like a boss from a video game. | © Riot Games

So, we know that Riot is working on a surprise VGU after Udyr, but many fans now believe that they’ve figured out who the champion is. We’ve talked about it before as well, with Cho’Gath being the perfect candidate, but a new foe has appeared.

With a new splash art, many fans do believe that Kassadin could be another champion on the receiving end of an update. So let’s see how true that is.

Why Might Kassadin Receive an ASU?

On the PBE server, Riot just revealed a brand-new splash art for Kassadin. There are a few things fans have noticed, though, that could indicate that there is more to this, than just a pretty new picture – come on guys Kassadin was released in 2009, he's an old man by now and needs a facelift.

One person on Twitter noticed that the blade in the splash art does look different from the one Kassadin currently has in his in-game model. Could this just be a difference in opinion of the artist who made the splash art, or a hint at a visual update for Kassadin?

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Also, his helmet has been re-designed and while it still looks like an overgrown version of Darth Vader, it is greatly improved from before. Many fans are breathing in the hopium right now, almost OD-ing just in hopes of Kassadin getting an ASU.

Come on guys, Riot is basically shoving the Void event in our face at this point, so an ASU for a void champion would just make sense, right?

Which Champions Have Gotten ASU’s?

Last year Caitlyn received an art and sustainability update, which greatly improved many of her splash arts, as well as her gameplay and her model. This isn’t as extensive as a visual and gameplay update, like the one we think Cho’Gath is getting and we know Udyr is receiving.

Ahri is also on the list of ASU candidates for the year, but we don’t know when it is going to go live. With the Void getting hyped, though, we do think that Kassadin would be the perfect candidate for a refresher of his look.

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