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High Noon Event please and thank you!

League of Legends Events in 2022

High Noon Senna
She can step on me. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has revamped its events system in recent times. Though the Debonair event didn’t hit the mark, they’re working on making events fun, and less of a grind. So, we’re wondering, what events could take place in 2022?

There are so many skin lines being released each year, some events are bigger than others. So let’s check out the potential skin events that will hit the League of Legends client in 2022.

Void Event in 2022

As we have already written before, we do think that there will be a big event around the Void this year. This won’t just be an event filled with skins, but a huge event that will also incorporate canon lore from League of Legends.

The event team has learned from their mistakes in the 2021 Sentinels event and they will hopefully use that to make this Void event as hype as can be. Because a new monster champion is already hype, but an event surrounding them? Even better.

Eclipse in 2022

With Eclipse skins being released in 2022, leaks state that there is going to be a small event for the upcoming skins. This event should be for one month throughout May. 

Star Guardian Event in 2022

According to leaker BigBadBear, we are going to be getting a huge Star Guardian Event in the summer of 2022 akin to the 2020 Spirit Blossom event. The event will span over two patches and have a multitude of skins as well. 

We have also seen the leaked Kai'Sa skin, that will be a legendary, and many fans also hope that Taliyah is going to be receiving a new skin as well. Star Guardian Taliyah would be a dream come true. 

Anima Squad Event in 2022

One event any anime fan is hyped for is the Anima Squad event that could take place in 2022. This is the skin line Riot had the most to say about in the Season 12 reveal stream, so we do think that there will be something big happening with these skins.

Also, this could be one of the next events once the Firecracker event is over. Why do we think this? Well, as mentioned, Riot showed a lot of art from this skin series during their stream, so it seems like they’ve already gotten these prepared.

So we think that an Anima Squad event is possible. Think of it like the PROJECT event in 2021. That could be a similar style of event with a neo-future theme.

High Noon Event in 2022

High Noon is another skin line that is extremely popular after it was reworked. The skins are great, the storyline insane but fun and an event with more High Noon skins is something no one will complain about.

These are just a few events we think could happen in 2022. What skin line would you like to see get a whole event?