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High Noon Event please and thank you!

League of Legends Events in 2022

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High Noon Senna
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League of Legends has revamped its events system in recent times. Though the Debonair event didn’t hit the mark, they’re working on making events fun, and less of a grind. So, we’re wondering, what events could take place in 2022?

There are so many skin lines being released each year, some events are bigger than others. So let’s check out the potential skin events that will hit the League of Legends client in 2022.

Events to Change After Worlds 2022

According to Riot, they are working on updating how events are being done and handled. So, in the future you could be expecting League of Legends events to change, but hopefully for the better, since many fans aren't happy with the direction events are currently heading in. 

What League of Legends Events Can We Expect in 2022? 

There are multiple new skin lines Riot is working on, and the bigger releases will also have events that will take over the League of Legends client. So, what can we expect in 2022?

Void Event in 2022

At the start of the season it seemed like Riot was hyping up the upcoming Void event. We got new teasers for the Void, Kassadin got a new splash art and the Season 12 teaser video had put a huge spotlight on the Void. Of course, we would think we're getting a Void event!

Instead... we got a new champion from the Void and then... nothing. Sure, in the video she did warn Kai'Sa that she would give her time to prepare for the Void invasion but according to Bel'Veth this means until after she kills the watchers.

So, if you were hyped for a Void Event in 2022... then we're going to have to disappoint, because it seems like we're going to need a Freljord x Void event before. 

Worlds Event in 2022

Of course, as with every big tournament and event, we do hope to get a World's event. Riot already released the Worlds 2022 anthem, sung by none other than Lil Nas X – or as he calls himself nowadays LoL Nas X – and the teams are set to face off in the biggest esports event of the year. 

In-game we're going to get a Spirit Blossom themed event for the World Championship with ten new skins. We're getting some great content for the World Championship like emotes, ward skins and much more. 

What Events Did We Get in 2022?

Eclipse in 2022

Eclipse had a small event in which players had to figure out a small puzzle and then play games to earn some rewards. This event took place at the same time as High Noon and didn't overshadow the bigger event. 

Star Guardian Event in 2022

The Star Guardian Event is supposed to be the big Summer Event in 2022. Many fans had their hoped up for another PvE game mode, as well as the story of the Star Guardians, but it seems that Riot has fallen flat with this event. 

Throughout the month of July and halfway through August, players can grind League of Legends to gain tokens and earn rewards. Sure, Riot did throw in a nice music vieo with Porter Robinson, as well as create a visual novel, but other than that there isn't much which makes the biggest event of the summer stand out from previous events like the High Noon Event or Anima Squad Event. 

Star Guardian Event on Multiple Platforms

The Star Guardian Event is a cross-platform event, with TFT, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra joining the fight against evil. Maybe because of the interaction between different teams Riot couldn't make the event more memorable for League of Legends players? 

Anima Squad Event in 2022

One event any anime fan is hyped for is the Anima Squad event that took place in 2022. This is the skin line Riot had the most to say about in the Season 12 reveal stream, so we do think that there will be something big happening with these skins.

In this event players were able to join different fractions of the Anima Squad, with an assigned leader. My team was the Wolf team alongside Sylas. Other than that it was just an event in which you played games to earn rewards. 

High Noon Event in 2022

High Noon had a lot of skins added to their repertoire this year. The skins were released in two patches and a huge in-client event was also part of the whole deal, but once again this wasn't an event which stood out. It was mostly just missions to complete and earn rewards. 

If you bought the battle pass you could also get more tokens and mroe rewards, but that was about it. It didn't fully live up to the hype of the High Noon franchise. 

What would you like to see Riot do in the future when it comes to events? Which skin lines deserve events in your opinion?

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