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Caitlyn ASU: What Changed and When Will it Release?

News 03-11-2021 17:05
Arcane Caitlyn HD
When will Caitlyn be getting her ASU? | © Riot Games

The Caitlyn visual update is coming soon! We’ve known that there was an ASU in the works, we also knew that it was going to be Caitlyn – thank you TFT leaks! But exactly when is this visual update going to go live? And how much has Riot changed? That’s what we’re going to look at today!

Caitlyn was released 10-years ago in 2011. Since then there hasn’t been much done to improve her looks. So, as they’ve done with Syndra, a few visual updates are in store for Caitlyn, this time in form of an ASU.

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What is an ASU?

ASU is short for Art and Sustainability Update. These are purely visual updates to bring champions up to speed. The last champion to get an ASU update was all the way back in 2015. Care to guess who? None other than Alistar.

These updates aren’t as extensive as a full-on VGU making them much quicker and easier to handle. Riot will want to do more of these ASU updates in the coming year according to their statement in the September Champion Roadmap.

What Changes has Caitlyn Received?

Her whole outfit got changed and overall she looks much better. Gone is the tacky cleavage, she also got some pants, which fits much better to her role as Sheriff of Piltover. Seriously, have you seen your local sheriff walk around in nothing more than thigh-highs and a mini skirt? Okay, granted you probably wouldn’t want to see your local sheriff in that outfit either.

Her facial features were improved and overall she just looks like a champion that fits into the 2020s.

Caitlyn Sheriff ASU Splash
She looks much better! | © Riot Games

Which Skins got ASU’s as well?

A bunch of her older skins also got updated. Most of the new skins, like Battle Academia, were mostly left untouched by the ASU, but her older skins got improved. They also got new splash arts as well which just hammers home how much better Caitlyn looks now.

These are the skins that got the most changes in this Caitlyn ASU:

  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
  • Headhunter Caitlyn
  • Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Resistance Caitlyn
  • Sheriff Caitlyn
  • Safari Caitlyn

Which champion do you want to see get a visual update like this next? I, personally, hope that Zilean gets an update. His hands are clunky and he just looks off… he is one of the older champions and with him being played at the 2021 World Championship he’ll become much more popular again – probably.

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When Will the Caitlyn ASU Go Live?

The ASU has gone onto the PBE server for testing and feedback. This means that the update will likely be hitting live servers in LoL Patch 11.23. The patch will come out on November 17, 2021.

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