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Who will get a VGU after Udyr?

Will Cho'Gath Be the Next VGU?

Champions 01-01-2022 14:00
Gentleman Cho Gath Skin Splash
This needs to be reworked. Pronto. | © Riot Games

The next visual update Riot Games has planned is none other than Udyr. The VGU will be released sometime in 2022 and it looks epic, but there is another VGU, a secret one, Riot is working on. Which champion could this be? 

We did some thinking and there are quite a few hints that we could be getting a Void-themed event and multiple updates surrounding the Void. Seriously, we need a new monster champion and we need Cho'Gath to be as beastly and scary as he is supposed to be! 

Why Will Cho'Gath Be The Mystery VGU? 

There are multiple small hints Riot has laid out that could suggest Cho'Gath being the next VGU update once Udyr got his new visuals and rework. One of the biggest reasons is that Cho'Gath was not part of the most recent VGU poll in 2021

It is specifically stated that the mystery VGU was not part of the previous VGU poll. Therefore, Skarner, Nocturne, Quinn and Shyvana are taken out of the contention for this update. 

Which champions does that leave us with? Well, Cho'Gath, Shaco and Rammus were also options for previous VGU updates. Rammus just got a mini rework done in Season 11 so we doubt he would be reworked right after that. 

This leaves us with two choices: Shaco and Cho'Gath.

Prehistoric chogath
Please give this void creature a visual update. | © Riot Games

Lore Event Surrounding the Void in 2022

Throughout the last champion releases, we've seen a certain theme emerge. Lore matters and having an event based around the lore also helps with popularity. All of 2021 surrounded one event – the Ruination and all champions released were part of that. 

Riot even pushed back the last two champion releases of 2021 because of the Riot x Arcane event. Sure, the champions are part of Piltover and Zaun, but they weren't part of Arcane so for consistency reasons, Riot decided to release them at a later date. 

We also know we're getting a jungler from the Void in 2022. So to celebrate the first new monster champion – that isn't cute like Yuumi – in a long time we will probably be getting a whole event. 

Now back to the main topic, how does all this tie in with Cho'Gath getting a VGU and not Shaco? Well, the fact that Cho'Gath happens to be from the Void and there being a whole event could be quite the big hint. Of course, all this is just speculation, but during the Arcane event, Caitlyn got an ASU, while Jayce and Jinx got visual updates

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Legends of Runeterra Leaks

Another reason why there could be an upcoming Void event could be found in Legends of Runeterra where dataminers found the keywords 'Riftfwalker' and 'Evolve' added. 

Coincidence? Probably not. This points to more champions from the Void getting added to Legends of Runeterra and we've seen what Riot can do with events thanks to the Sentinels of Light event and Arcane. 

Void-Themed Merch

Also, Riot has begun selling more and more Void-themed merchandise on their website, another hint that we have some huge Void event coming up. So, if you've got $700 pick up that Kai'Sa figurine! 

Conclusion: Cho'Gath is the mystery VGU

So, early 2022 we will be getting the Udyr VGU. We will also have the release of the new ADC and new support both from Piltover and Zaun. This means that Riot still has time to work on the mystery VGU so they can release it around the same time as the upcoming monster jungler from the Void. 

Let's all pray that our big boy Cho'Gath is getting fed with this VGU and that Riot keeps his growing form in the game!

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