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The Void is taking over!

Void Event | Release, Champions & More

Champions 29-01-2022 14:00
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Let's go! | © Riot Games

Riot Games has been teasing us for quite a while now. We know we are getting a new Void champion, we know that it’s going to be a big deal, but does Riot really have to dangle it in front of our noses like this? Seriously?

Let’s check out the upcoming Void jungler and of course, the big Void event we know is going to happen. How do we know? Well, let’s check out everything we know right now and connect all the dots.

The New Void Jungler

As we have already mentioned, we are getting a whole new Void champion. The last Void champion we got? Kai’Sa. Does she count? Not really. She is from Runeterra and was kidnapped by the Void. So, we don’t count her.

This new Void jungler is going to be a void-born creature. A monster champion that will finally excite those of us who are sick and tired of ‘cute’ and ‘kawaii’ champions like Yuumi… who is considered a monster champion.

The release of a new Void champion is exciting enough, but a void monster is all the better and we do think that there is something brewing in Runeterra that will change the world as we know it.

The Next VGU After Udyr

This is a point we’ve already gone into quite heavy detail about. Supposedly, we’re getting a surprise, mystery VGU in 2022. So, this is a champion that was not on the VGU list that Riot revealed during their 2022 season preview.

We think that this surprise VGU is none other than the big man himself, Cho’Gath. He’s in dire need of a rework and his skins need to be looked at as well. He’s also a void creature and adding his VGU into the mix, would only warrant a whole event as well, right?

We also can't overlook that Vel'Koz just received a visual update as well... is it all just one big coincidence though?


Multiple Short Stories on the Void, Merch and More

Riot also likes to drop hints with their stories. We’ve gotten a Malzahar story and a Kai’Sa story. The Void is taking over the League of Legends universe page as we know it and… isn’t that just what the Void does? Don’t they want to change Runeterra into their perfect image?

Also, there has been quite a lot of Void-themed merch in the store lately, so it would seem that Riot is trying to push the Void agenda onto us all. But honestly… we’re not complaining even if the Kai’Sa figurine is $700.

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Hints in the Season 2022 Trailer: The Call

The final point that just hammers it home that the Void is coming to League of Legends is the trailer for the 2022 season. Throughout the years' Riot has teased and full-on shown us what will happen in the coming year with their trailer.

Last year, Senna and Lucian encountered the Black Mist and the whole story of Viego and his return took over our League of Legends clients. In 2020 we got an amazing trailer that had quite a lot of scenes with Vi and Caitlyn together - and if we remember Arcane was supposed to come out in 2020.

So, with Kai’Sa and Taliyah showing up in the trailer, as well as the Freljord, which has frozen over one of the entrances to the Void, we do think that there is going to be a huge calamity in League of Legends this year. WIll the whole LoL client get eaten up by the Void for a few days? Who knows.

When Will the Void Event Take Place?

Nothing is confirmed, but we do believe that the event will take place halfway through 2022. So either in June or July, much like the climax of the Sentinels Event last year. So get ready, don’t book your flights to the Bahamas just yet, because you might need to be grinding League of Legends to save us all from the Void.

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