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League of Legends: Ahri's Ban Rate Soars – But Not Because She's OP

Skins 14-06-2024 16:00

League of Legends players are staging their own protest, but will Riot listen? 

Risen Legend Ahri Signature
League of Legends: Players are banning Ahri. | © Riot Games

To celebrate the best League of Legends player of all time, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, Riot released some brand-new skins in his honor. The catch? They are way more expensive than anyone predicted. Players feel that Riot is using Faker's name to create overpriced cosmetics, and now they're protesting.

League of Legends: Players Protesting Ahri Skin Prices

While many players have decided not to purchase the Ahri Signature bundle for 60K RP, other players are protesting in other ways, to make sure that Riot knows how unhappy a large part of the community is. 

Risen Ahri
This is the "cheap" Ahri Faker skin. | © Riot Games

They are banning the champion. Ahri might not be the most banned champion in the current patch, but her ban rate has shot up drastically since LoL Patch 14.12 has released along with the Faker Hall of Legends skins. 

LoLalytics, a stats website, shows a graph where Ahri's ban rate shoots up into the mid 20% right as the newest League of Legends patch released. Her usual ban rate hovered around the 10% mark, meaning she is receiving a lot more bans than before, which is going to impact her statistics. 

Players are doing this in hopes of sending a message to Riot. It is important and fun to celebrate players, especially ones as loved like Faker, but most do not believe that charging $500 for a skin is right, which is where much of the frustration is coming from. 

Faker worlds 2023 semi finals
Faker doesn't even use skins! | © Riot Games

But even if the skin and bundle is so expensive, it seems like players, especially whales who want to collect everything and are willing to spend this much money, have picked up the new Immortalized Risen Ahri skin. 

Honestly, while the effort is there from the community, it also doesn't seem likely that Riot is going to be doing anything different for upcoming Hall of Legends events. 

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