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League of Legends: Riot Unveil New Ways To Speed Up Visual Champion Updates

News 12-06-2024 15:50

In a recent dev update, Riot unveiled how they want to go about making visual updates. Will the Malphite visual update actually happen though?

Malphite 6 2101
League of Legends: Riot wants to make some changes to visual updates. | © Riot Games

In a recent League of Legends vlog, Pu "Riot Pupulasers" Liu and Andrei "Riot Meddler" Van Roon revealed some interesting insights into upcoming champions and champion updates. While they did reveal that written champion roadmaps are unlikely to happen in the future, they do want to update players on upcoming champions and updates, which they'll do through vlogs.

They then went on to update players on visual updates and what Riot is looking to try for quicker and easier visual upgrades in the future


League of Legends: Riot Working On Experimental Visual Upgrade

Last year, Riot released a gradual Jax update which was extremely well-received, revitalizing the champion and making him one of the most popular champions in 2023. Now, Riot is trying to go down a similar route with other champion updates. 

Shamrock malphite
Will Riot improve the WhatsApp Malphite skin? | © Riot Games

When Riot revealed the Skarner Visual and Gameplay Update, keen eyed League of Legends fans also spotted what looked like some form of a Malphite visual update. While Riot stayed silent, they've now revealed what they're testing out for future visual changes and upgrades. 

What we're testing first with Malphite is how efficiently we can take some of the update visuals from Wild Rift and redo them so that they work in League of Legends. 

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With this new experiment, the Summoner's Rift team could take models from Wild Rift and implement them in PC League. Of course, with not all skins being available in Wild Rift for most champions, some of the skins will have to be redone from the ground up like with other visual updates. 

Riot is hoping that these types of updates could speed up the process so more older champions can receive the glow up they deserve. Right now, the Malphite visual update is just an experiment and Riot Meddler did state that they aren't sure whether they'll ship it. So hopefully this does turn out well so we can all enjoy an updated rock. 

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