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Want to have a cup of tee? Fine by me!

LoL: New Café Cuties Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 11-10-2023 12:20

The Café Cuties skins are back! Riot have been brewing up again, and the result is once again absolutely immaculate. Do you have what it takes to drink a tea with these fellows? Dive into the new Café Cuties skins if you feel fancy!

Cafe cuties jinx
It's time to get cute again! |©Riot Games

In 2021, the Café Cuties opened up their restaurant, where they sell magical macarons, craft charmed croissants and sorcerers scones, to magically please their customers. Now it's time for some new faces in the kitchen.

Some of these champions are fan favorites and are getting a lot of skins, but others have been less fortunate. No matter which end you are on – the wait for a pretty, new outfit is finally over!

LoL Café Cuties Skins: Champions And Costs

The restaurant is booming, it needs some new workers. Annie, Bard and the rest can barely keep up with the amount of people, who want to visit their famous restaurant. Luckily, some young fellows decided they need some work. Weirdly enough, three of them look like the original Star Guardians?

Skin NameChampionSkin Tier


Cafe CutiePoppyEpic1350 RP
Cafe CutieJinxEpic1350 RP
Cafe CutieLuluEpic1350 RP
Cafe Cutie


Epic1350 RP

With Jinx and the others retiring from their Star Guardian job, it's time to open a new chapter. Her being a little psychopath, she always finds new ideas to make in the kitchen and blow her guests minds. But just stay away from her when she had too much sugar.

Lulu and her sous-chef Pix are ready to deliver some really tasty, sweet deserts. But watch out to not make her angry. She could bake some magic into one to turn you into a squirrel.

She's just a Yordle with a hammer. After Poppy went on her adventures, she listened to her heart and left the official hero life behind. Now she is the hero of your kitchen and fulfills her dearest dream: To make her customers happy with her food.

Rumble is ready to brew you some really nice coffee. The methods are a little... weird? He's got a new mech that will keep your coffee nice and warm. Just be careful that you won't get burned! 

Release Date For Upcoming Cafe Cuties Skins In LoL

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These skins will be released with LoL Patch 13.21. This patch is planned for release on October 25, and the Café Cuties skins will be available in the shop within the next few days after that.

Since their debut in 2021, the Café Cuties have been serving delicious pastry, tea and anything else to make their guests happy. If you want to spread some kindness, make sure to unleash these skins on the rift!

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